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Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her special day. Whether it’s finding the perfect bridal gown or outfitting your squad in the latest bridesmaid trends, David’s Bridal offers affordable and trendy styles that can fit every budget.

Are you interested in finding a David’s Bridal near you? Simply browse David’s Bridal near me on the map below and find a list of David’s Bridal locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on David’s Bridal? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more?

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David’s Bridal Near Me – David’s Bridal Trivia

What year did David’s Bridal first start?

Given the prominence of David’s Bridal in the world of weddings, it’s not surprising that this brand has existed for more than 67 years. Consider this as you search David’s Bridal near me. The first David’s Bridal begin as a small bridal salon located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1950. The brand offered modest and elegant wedding styles to women on a budget. They focused on the idea of affordability without sacrificing quality. When South Floridian entrepreneur Phil Youtie decided to purchase the salon in 1972, he immediately recognized the brand’s potential to exist in several locations. From 1973 to 1988, Youtie opened a total of 18 salons, which he operated as leased bridal boutiques in department stores under the David’s Bridal banner. His bridal salons soon developed a strong presence throughout the entire state of Florida. Though he was enjoying massive success, he noticed that the times were in fact changing. He suddenly observed many future brides flocking to clearance racks and sample sales. He recognized that brides of the 1980s weren’t like the brides from the past. While women of the 40s, 50s, and 60s spent a great deal of time and money selecting a wedding gown, Youtie saw the 80’s bride as busy, intelligent, and on a budget. The modern bride didn’t want to shop for a wedding gown the old fashioned way anymore. Thus, David’s Bridal began to cater its retail locations to the modern bride, offering affordable dresses, quick appointments, and a variety of trendy styles to choose from.

david's bridal near me

David’s Bridal has been offering women affordable dress options for decades.

True or false: The 1980s bride wanted everything in moderation.

While big weddings never went out of style, brides of the 80’s were often on a tight budget. They planned weddings with shorter guest lists and fewer bridesmaids. Many even took to borrowing gowns rather than buying them. This is where David’s Bridal saw a whole host of great opportunities. Every bride, no matter how tight her budget was, likely wanted to keep her wedding gown as a keepsake. Renting was cheaper, but it certainly didn’t hold the glamour or lasting aplomb of buying your dress. David’s Bridal realized that it could cater to this collective tightening of the belt by offering dresses that were beautiful yet as affordable as renting. Unlike other bridal salons of the time, David’s rose to the occasion, opting to adapt and meet any challenges head on. As you search David’s Bridal near me, consider any trends you’ve seen in the world of weddings. Are more brides starting to go small again? What kind of wedding will you be having?

David’s Bridal Near Me – David’s Bridal Facts

The David’s Bridal Warehouse

In 1990, David’s Bridal kicked their campaign to meet the modern bride halfway by launching the very first David’s Bridal Warehouse in Hallandale, Florida. The warehouse was truly the first of its kind. Not only were stores larger than most, a whopping 12,000 square feet as compared to the average 2,500 square foot bridal salon, but they also boasted a full selection of wedding gowns in many different sizes. They also offered special occasion dresses, shoes, accessories, headpiece, and gloves. Unlike a traditional bridal salon which was largely focused on boasting luxurious interiors and offering full service sales associates, the warehouse was a total no frills affair. Customers were to search through racks and racks of wedding gowns on their own. While sales associates existed, they were often of little help when it came to selecting or tracking down a specific gown. Signs were often posted through the warehouse warning customers that all sales were final and that alterations were not done on site. Though the warehouse may have been a gamble for some brides, it was also a guaranteed way to score an amazing gown at costs way lower than those offered at regular bridal salon. As you search David’s Bridal near me, consider if you would have shopped at a warehouse. Are you a no frills shopper or do you appreciate the traditions offered by a more formal salon?

Upgraded Stores

The warehouse model may have been an amazing treat for no nonsense brides on a budget, but many still craved a more traditional dress buying experience. This caused the store to upgrade all of their stores in the mid 1990s. Most stores received better lighting, more comfortable dressing rooms, stylish interiors, and onsite alterations. Every bride to be was greeted by a personal sales consultant who would stay at the bride’s side so long as she was needed. Every bride was to complete a questionnaire as soon they entered the store, which helped consultants to find them the perfect gown. At this time, the term “warehouse” was dropped from the store’s name altogether. Now if you search David’s Bridal near me, you’ll only find traditional stores rather than warehouse style stores.

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