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For working families, daycare is an absolute necessity. Not only does it ensure the safety and care of the child, but it can be highly beneficial in properly socializing and introducing young children to early education concepts. This gives many children a head start once they’re school age.

Are you interested in finding a daycare in your area? Simply browse daycare near me on the map below and find a list of daycares located in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on daycares? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on daycares!

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Daycare Near Me Now – Daycare Trivia

Which country is credited with opening the first daycare?

While American pride may lead one to believe that it is the fast paced and busy life of the American worker that lead to the advent of daycare, it was actually countries outside of the US that first developed these essential facilities. In countries such as France and Italy, daycare facilities are a part of the regular public school system and are often not stand alone businesses that are privately operated. According to historical records, the first daycare centers appeared in France during the 1840s. They were formerly recognized by the government in 1869. While early daycares didn’t offer much in the way of amenities, they did keep mothers in the workforce which typically allowed for the children to have a greater quality of life. It took the US three quarters of a century later before they opened the first daycare and provided mother’s with a new option for childcare. Consider these facts as you search daycare near me.

daycare near me now

Daycare can help your child flourish long before their of school age.

When did daycares begin the US?

Daycares are now woven into the fabric of American society as an essential asset to many working families. Though now commonplace, the beginning of daycares in the Us didn’t come until the mid 19th century during the welfare and reform movements that were taking place. Many of the earliest daycares and nurseries stemmed from a need for someone to look after the children of disadvantaged and poor immigrant workers. The first well known daycare was opened by Jane Addams. Addams opened a settlement house in Chicago in 1889. Dubbed, Hull House, the building provided much needed assistance and care to immigrants. Hull House included resident quarters, a library, a salon, a dining hall, and a nursery school that provided quality childcare on behalf of immigrant working parents. Many residents worked at the Hull House, while few worked outside of the house. Not only did Hull House greatly improve the lives of all those who lived there, but it went so far as to provide classes and training for adults. As you search daycare near me, consider just how far these centers have come since their earliest inception.

Daycare Near Me Now – Daycare Facts

Shipyard Daycares

Odds are when you think of a shipyard, you’re not exactly picturing child care or daycare, but early on in America’s history, these shipyards proved an essential part of allowing women into the workplace. The very first daycare centers to be located at the mother’s place of employment were built during World War II when “Rosie the Riveter” was sent to work rather than her husband who was sent away to fight in the war. Since many women were tasked with both working and raising the kids while their husbands fought the big fight, the necessity for childcare become more apparent than ever. In 1943, the Kaiser Company opened the very first daycare centers at its shipyards in Richmond, California and Portland, Oregon. The centers were built up by Henry Kaiser and were open 24 hours a day. They had an on call nurse for sick children and provided hot meals for mothers to take home at the end of a long working day. Every building featured large panoramic windows which allowed for the children to look out on the yards and watch the shipbuilding process. The whole goal of the centers was to reduce absenteeism for mother’s and keep them at work. The centers sadly closed as soon as the war ended and women were told to go back home. Nowadays if you’re searching daycare near me, you likely won’t find one housed in a shipyard!

Companies That Offer Daycare Services

Not every company offers daycare services to its working families, but many now do. Not only is this convenient to working mothers, but it can help to keep daycare costs low as it is often built into the working parent’s salary. According to CNN, 33 of the top 100 companies in the United States offer childcare services on site to their workers. The top five companies with the most affordable onsite daycare services include AFLAC, the SAS institute, Baptist Health South Florida, Bright Horizons, and Memorial Health Company. While some of these centers offer free childcare to full time employees, others give out vouchers for childcare services or hold money from every paycheck to help pay for childcare services. As you search daycare near me, think about where you will take your child during the day. Does your work offer childcare vouchers? If not, you may be able to receive assistance in other ways.

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