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Every parent knows that finding a good daycare for your child can be the difference between peace of mind and daily concern. Unfortunately, with so many options, price points, and styles, finding the right daycare isn’t always cut and dry. With a little time and research, finding the perfect daycare for your child is possible. Not only will it help your little one achieve their goals, socialize, and immerse in a learning environment; but it allows you to get back to work continue providing for your family.

Are you interested in finding a daycare in your area? Simply browse daycare near me on the map below and find a list of daycare centers located in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on daycares? Read on for facts, trivia, and history!

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What did parents do before daycare?

In our current culture, most mothers of preschool aged children and below are employed outside of the home, leaving them to find a daycare or childcare center to watch their kids until the work day is done. What did mothers do prior to daycares? Well, they made do. American mothers have always found ingenious ways to care for their children while they work. Native American women often strapped newborns to cradle boards and carried them in woven slings while tending to daily duties; Colonial women placed their small children in standing stools or go-gins in order to prevent them from moving or worse…falling in the fireplace! Pioneers in the Midwest often laid infants in wooden boxes and fastened the beams to their plows, while a bit unsafe, they made it work. Southern farmers are credited with tethering their little rascals to pegs driven into the soil at the edge of their fields, allowing them to watch their children throughout the day while still tending to the fields and working. Migrant labor workers kept their infants in baby tents set on the edge of the fields they worked in. Cannery workers were known to work beside their children, teaching their kids to shell peas and cut up string beans right along with them. If you’re searching daycare near me, know that mothers have always found proper care for their children even in times with few options.

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Daycares are a great way to structure your child’s day while learning beneficial socialization skills.

When did daycares first formally form?

What we not know as daycares formerly began as “creches” in France in the 1840s. These institutions were largely charitable organizations that were tasked with caring for the infants and small children of working class women. The “creches” were recognized by the French government and often received funding to keep running without incident. The very first formal daycare center began in Great Britain in 1860. Following suit, most European cities began establishing daycare centers by the second half of the nineteenth century. In the United States, day cares were established by private charities in the 1850s and had little to do with government and didn’t receive any federal funding. The very first daycare in the US is the New York Day Nursery which first began in 1854. Consider these facts while searching daycare near me. Better yet, share them with a daycare seeking friend!

Daycare Near Me – Daycare Facts

Types of Daycare

American’s love options, which means one type of daycare simply wouldn’t do. If you’re searching daycare near me, keep in mind that there are currently four primary types of daycare in the United States. The first being, home based care. Home based daycares are often operated by a single individual out of their home. These types of daycares are often run by a stay at home parent who seeks some additional income while watching and caring for their own child. The second type of daycare typical to the US is a non-profit day care. Non-profits are most often affiliated with churches are schools and often bear many structural advantages to for-profit establishments. Rents at these kinds of daycares are typically much lower, especially if located in a church that is otherwise unoccupied during the week. The third kind of daycare is a corporate day care. These daycares are often located within large corporations that are looking to provide daycare benefits for their employees. The final kind of daycare in the US is preschool. Preschool is a more structured, academically based scholastic program for young children generally between the ages of three and five years old. Some preschools offer half day programs, structured lessons, learning materials, and every so often field trips. Preschools can be either non-profit or for profit. Head Start is an example of a non-profit preschool that receives assistance from the federal government.

Paying for Daycare

One of the many concerns some parents have when searching daycare near me is cost. According to experts, the average family will spend 10 percent of their median income paying for an infant in child care. The cost of a four year old often exceeds 19 percent of a married couples income. How can one cut cost on a necessary expense? There are ways. If you make under a certain earning threshold, you may be entitled to assistance from the government. Seeking non-profit daycares or home based centers may save you a great deal of money as their costs are generally lower. Currently 11 million US children under the age of five spend time in a day care center or child care facility every week. This is due to the fact that nearly half of today’s families have two working parents. A quarter of all US families are currently headed by single parents, necessitating the need that children have somewhere to go while their parents go to work.

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