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For busy parents with little ones, finding the right daycare can be quite a hefty task. Since, the late 1800s day nurseries, now known as daycares, have been given working parents a safe and nurturing place to leave their children during hours of employment. While daycares have always had a place in society, they have never been as popular as they are today. With a vast majority of American mothers working outside of the home, there has never been a greater need for daycare in the US.

Are you interested in finding a daycare facility near you? Browse daycares near me on the map below and quickly locate a list of daycares in your area. From preschool to day camp and everything in between, you’ll be able to find a daycare that suits your child’s unique needs. Interested in a bit more information on daycares? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top ranked daycares in the US.

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Daycares Near Me – Daycares Trivia

True or false: During World War II, childcare funding dropped drastically in the US.

Luckily, you’re not searching daycares near me in 1941, or you’d likely come up pretty short. Even though the US involvement in World War II reduced unemployment and created thousands of jobs for women in war related industries, the federal government was very reluctant to recruit mothers of small children. The claim was that “mothers who remain at home perform the greatest patriotic service.” The government even gained critical support from social workers who claimed that child care was psychologically negative for small children. It wasn’t until congress passed the Lanham Act, that there was a greater deal of funding for childcare and nursery services in war torn areas.

daycares near me

A great daycare will offer structured learning time and creative free play opportunities.

True or false: There are currently 19,757,997 children aged 0 to 4 in the US.

This fact checks out! In just the United States, there are currently 19,747,997 children aged 0 (infant) to 4. Of that figure, 9 million have working mothers who require some kind of childcare or daycare facility. Unlike most nations, the United States does not have a paid parental leave plan for any employees after the birth of a child. This not only forces many parents to return to work immediately after having a child, but it necessitates the need for weighing child-care options. Because of this, many parents are quickly tasked with making daycare choices based on family resources, location, hours of operation, and other factors not necessarily associated with quality.

How many types of childcare are there?

If you’re searching daycares near me, you’re obviously in need of childcare in your area. While daycares can range from a camp type environment to a more structured pre-k environment, other types of childcare and daycares exist that might not be well known. For example, there are now many in home daycares where loving individuals who are experienced with children will watch several kids in their own homes for a certain price per week. Another option for working families is a day home environment. The difference between a day home and a traditional daycare is that the day home is very unstructured and doesn’t tend to offer many formal or intellectual activities. Daycares can also be located in a wide range of centers and buildings. Everywhere from churches to universities and even corporate settings can house daycares. These settings can be in urban, suburban, and even rural communities. Where you take your child is highly dependent upon income and location. While there is no shortage of options, you’ll have to define what truly matters to you.

Daycares Near Me – Daycares Facts

Philosophies of Child Care

In searching daycares near me, you might want to consider that the one thing that tends to differ in many daycare facilities is their philosophy of childcare. A philosophy of childcare outlines what the daycare considers to be developmentally appropriate practices for young children. This philosophy not only ranges from thoughts on discipline, but also on thoughts on activities, crafts, and nurturing. While licensing standards are required for all early child care center, they are often focused on health and safety rather than good practices with young kids. When choosing an amazing place for your little one, always keep their philosophy on childcare in mind. It can be the difference between a truly magical experience and a nightmare.

Assessing Quality of Care

If you’re searching daycares near me, then you might be wondering how you can assess the quality of care your little one will be receiving at your chosen center. Experts agree that there are several factors to be considered when assessing good quality. Factors include: the physical setting or environment, learning activities and daily routines, interactions, staff (including ratios of adults to children), health and safety issues, parental involvement, and philosophy of childcare. If you keep these factors in mind when choosing a potential childcare center, you’ll likely be meant with a truly high end level of care.

Top Three Daycares in the United States

If you find yourself in proximity of one of these top daycares in the US while searching daycares near me, consider yourself lucky. While some of these locations do carry a waiting list, many of them are well worth the extra time. Read on for the top three daycares in the US.

1. Top of the World Preschool and Daycare, McKinney, Texas

With hours that are accessible for busy parents, a structured learning environment, and a child care philosophy that emphasizes compassionate care; it’s no wonder this daycare tops our list of the top daycares in the US.

2. Kids Club, Pasadena, CA

Kids Club offers a nurturing and creatively stimulating environment for little ones. Not only do they offer structured learning time and lots of free play, but their staff is known for their level of passion and care.

3. Bright Horizons, Watertown, MA

Bright Horizons does just what its name infers: it offers a bright future for children aged 0-4. With a professional staff and hours that cooperate with working parents, Bright Horizons truly illuminates a path for your child’s future.

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