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For anyone who has a specific brand model or vehicle in mind, a trip the car dealership can mean obtaining their dream car. Most car dealerships sell new and used cars at the retail level, often on a contract with a specific automaker. Every dealership employs qualified salespeople and often provides maintenance services for cars and spare automobile parts.

Are you interested in finding a dealership near your current location? Simply browse dealerships near me on the map below and find a list of dealerships located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on dealerships? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information!

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Dealerships Near Me – Dealerships Trivia

When was the first car dealership in the US formed?

When cars were first invented, they were sold directly by the automakers to the consumers or through channels such as mail order, department stores, and traveling car representatives. All of that is in the past now, but it wasn’t until 1898 that the US received its first car dealership. Established by William E. Metzger in 1898, this early automotive pioneer started the very first dealership in Detroit, Michigan. Not only did Metzger revolutionize how cars were sold, he was also integral in a variety of early automobile companies including the Cadillac Automobile Company and the E.M.F. Company in which the “M” is meant to represent Metzger’s name. Thanks to Metzger, direct sales by an automaker directly to the consumer is limited in most states, as franchise laws require that all new cars can only be sold by licensed and bonded independently owned car dealerships. Car dealerships are uniquely franchised to sell and service vehicles belonging only to specific companies. Thy are housed on properties that offer enough room to have buildings that include a showroom, mechanical service, and body repair facilities. They also require rooms to house used and new vehicles. Most car dealerships are located on the edges of towns or near town centers, with many modern dealerships belonging to corporate owned chains. The average price of a new car in 2015 was $33,419. The average used car comes in at around $19,397.

dealerships near me

Your local car dealership can offer a bevy of options for the brand you choose!

True or false: There is a greater emphasis on technology than car branding.

This fact is true! As you search dealerships near me, consider just how much has changed in terms of car marketing and branding in recent years. In the past, most dealerships focused on marketing their brand, but that has drastically changed in the modern age. Nowadays, most auto manufacturers have shifted the focus of their franchised retailers from branding to technology. Not only are they focused on selling the technological advances of the car, but the facilities themselves are required to have a standard look, including product geniuses who are employed to liaise with customers. Audi is one of the first brands to have experimented with the idea of of a futuristic and hi-tech showroom that allows customers to configure and experience new cars in a 1:1 scale on digital platforms.

Dealerships Near Me – Dealerships Facts

Shop Around Before You Buy

Buying a car and visiting a dealership is a big step in anyone’s life. Whether you’re an experienced car buyer or a first time, it’s always important to take a slow pace and not rush the process. In order to secure the perfect car for the right price, it’s imperative that you shop around before you buy. This doesn’t just apply to the car you’re looking to buy either. Always consider your salesman. If you’re not completely satisfied with your salesman or the policies of the dealership, don’t feel as if you’re obligated to buy just because you spoke to a salesperson or test drove a car. Instead, visit another dealership or salesperson that can meet all of your unique needs. Buying a car is a big investment and one that requires patience. Much like a buying a home, purchasing a car can affect your finances, credit, and overall way of life for many years. You wouldn’t buy a house in one night and you shouldn’t buy a car in one night other. Consider this as you search dealerships near me.

Take It For A Test Drive

Sure, this may seem pretty obvious, but some people are uncomfortable with the test driving situation. While they can be a bit awkward (after all you are driving a sales person around the block), they are of the utmost importance when making an educated buying decision. Before you get caught up in the buying process or fork over any money, take some time to thoroughly inspect and test drive the car you are looking to buy. In this day and age, no two cars drive or handle exactly the same. Often, individual drivers prefer that their cars have a certain feel when turning, braking, or accelerating. When considering your car buying options, look at everything from size, seating space, handling, acceleration/deceleration and of course safety standards. While many cars do feature standard safety amenities, some brands do perform more poorly in crash tests than others. This means it’s absolutely necessary to know everything there is to know about your vehicle before purchasing. As you search dealerships near me, do your research and visit your local dealer armed with as much information as possible. Not only will being an informed buyer likely score you a better deal, but it will keep you from feeling bamboozled during the buying process.

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