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In a country where most of us have to drive to get from point A to point B, learning how to drive defensively can allow you to get to your destination safely and without harm. By being able to avoid dangerous situations, you can maintain your safety on the road and even have a more relaxing journey. While most people are taught techniques to reduce their overall risk on the road, many don’t learn defensive driving during their initial training. Learning how to drive defensively is just as important as learning the basics.

Are you ready to up your driving game? Simply browse defensive driving classes near me on the map below and find a list of classes in your local area. Need a bit more information on defensive driving? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more.

Defensive Driving Classes Near Me – Find it on the Map

Defensive Driving Classes Near Me – Defensive Driving Classes Trivia

True or false: People who graduate from a defensive driving school boast lower crash rates.

Out on the road, anything can happen. Even if you’re doing everything right there is no accounting for the other drivers on the road. This is where defensive driving comes into play. Defensive drivers are hyper aware drivers. They are skilled drivers. They are also the drivers with the lowest crash rates. According to a study conducted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, students and teens who graduate from a defensive driving school have cumulative crash rates that are 77% lower than the general population between the ages of 15 and 19. If you needed another reason to search defensive driving classes near me, you just found one.

defensive driving classes near me

Defensive driving is often safe driving. Take a class and know how to rule the road responsibly!

True or false: Defensive drivers use their mirrors more than other drivers.

Even in a basic driving school, you’re probably taught to use your mirrors accordingly. Yet, so many people fail to utilize the tools built right into their car. Is it true that defensive drivers use their mirrors more than most? Yes! According to statistics, defensive drivers don’t just focus on the road directly in front of them. Instead, they focus on the road further up and frequently check both their rear and side-view mirrors to help identify any hazards with enough time to think of how to avoid them. Let’s face it, many times in driving, avoidance is key. While searching defensive driving classes near me, consider how using your mirrors more often may just make you a better driver.

True or false: Many insurance companies offer incentives for defensive driving classes.

As if you needed another reason to search defensive driving classes near me, insurance companies are throwing their hat into the ring. If you’re looking to save money on your car insurance while becoming a better driver, consider taking a defensive driving class. Insurance companies want their customers to be well prepared out on the road. The fewer accidents you get into, the more money they get to keep in their pockets. When you take a defensive driving class, you are learning how to become a better driver, which puts you at a much lower risk for getting into an accident. As a lower risk, you save on your car insurance. That’s a win/win!

Defensive Driving Classes Near Me – Defensive Driving Classes Facts

Be Defensive, Not Aggressive

Too often, people confuse aggressive driving with defensive driving. In reality, these two driving methods couldn’t be more different. Aggressive drivers are prone to operating their vehicle in an unsafe or hostile manner with little to no regard for other people. Behaviors such as tailgating, making unsafe lane changes, failing to yield to a right away, failing to signal, or disregarding traffic controls are all hallmarks of an aggressive driver. Drivers who seem to have “road rage” are also dubbed aggressive drivers. Being a defensive driver is just the opposite. Defensive drivers are in control of their speed, yield to laws/rules, and are concerned with the safety of others. They are alert and distraction free, often they are cognizant and expecting the unexpected. Defensive drivers always maintain a safe following distance, adjust their driving in accordance to the weather, and know how to adjust their speed based on breaks or bends in the road . Aggressive drivers tend to get in more accidents than defensive drivers and are prone to causing more congestion and accidents due to unsafe practices/disregard for others. As you search defensive driving classes near me, keep these differences in mind.

Being Safe Means Being Predictable

In life, many of us don’t want to be dubbed as predictable, in driving, it may just be the greatest compliment you can receive. Being a safe driver means being a predictable driver. Always using indicator lights, turning promptly, and being educated behind the wheel are all hallmarks of a great driver. Similarly, another great trait of defensive drivers is knowing where you are headed when behind the wheel. Too often, people go with the method of “figuring it out as they go.” Well, that may be okay in some circumstances, but when driving, it can lead to stopping short and driving either too slow or too fast. Knowing where you’re headed allows you to make good choices out on the road and even may negate pulling over to regain your bearings if you would become lost. Remember, in driving there is no shame in simply doing the right thing and the safe thing.

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