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Since the 1700s, Delis have been providing hungry citizens with freshly prepared fine foods. From sandwiches and heroes to potato salad and coleslaw; the deli has been a staple in culinary history throughout the world. From Germany to the United States, delis have found widespread popularity in every corner of the world.

Are you interested in finding a deli in your area? Simply browse deli near me on the map below and find a list of delicatessens in your region. Need a bit more information on delis? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and a comprehensive list of the top three delis in the United States!

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Deli Near Me – Deli Trivia

In what country did the deli first originate?

Delis may seem as American as apple pie, but this phenomenon did not originate on this side of the Atlantic. Delis first originated in Germany in the early 1700s and didn’t spread to the United States until the mid-1800s. It wasn’t until European immigrants came to the US, especially Ashkenazi Jews, that the deli became a prominent part of American culture. The word deli itself first appeared as a the German loanword Delicatessen. This word first appeared in English in 1889 as a plural of the word delikatesse. In German, the word originally a French loanword, delicatesse” which means, “delicious things to eat.”

deli near me

Modern delis are no longer just for lunch. Most delis offer three square meals a day to hungry patrons.

True or false: Americans consume around 5 billion pounds of deli meat per year.

Weirdly enough, this fact is true! If you’re searching deli near me in America, you’re not alone in your love of deli foods, especially the specialty meats and cheeses that are often only found at your local deli counter. According to statistics, Americans consume more than 5 billion pounds of deli meat per year on average .This includes around 800 million pounds of bologna. When it comes to deli food, Americans aren’t messing around!

Which food company is credited with the creation of the Deli?

While searching deli near me, it’s important to know your deli history.Now that you know where delis first began( Germany), you’re probably wondering what the first deli was named. German food company Dallmayr is credited with being the first delicatessen ever created. Back in 1700, this deli became the first store to ever import bananas, plums, and mangoes to the German population from faraway places such as China and the Canary Islands. At the time, this was fairly unheard of. Now more than 300 years later, the deli is the largest business of its kind in Europe. This just goes to show that even humble beginnings can lead to success on a very large scale. Thanks to this little deli, this type of sandwich shop has found wide scale popularity throughout the world.

Deli Near Me – Deli Facts

Deli Finds

On your quest to find a deli near me, you may be wondering what kind of food you may discover upon choosing the right deli. Delis are often synonymous with sandwiches and paninis, though US delis rarely stick to the old model of being just a sandwich shop. Delis in the modern age offer made to order chopped salads, prepared pastas, potato salads, chicken, tuna, shrimp, and other light offerings. Many delis will also now cook up hot food such as burgers and fries or chicken fingers. OF course, the kind of food your deli offers will depend upon your region and the type of deli you are visiting.

The Saga of the Hero

If you’re searching Deli near me, then you may be faced with the puzzling thought of what to call a hero sandwich. Depending on your location in the US a hero can be referred to as a hoagie, a grinder, and a sub. The latter name comes from the Benedetto Capaldo Deli in New London, Connecticut. During World War II the deli received an order from a nearby US submarine base for 500 hero sandwiches. The order stuck with the owners of the deli, and started referring to hero sandwiches as “subs.” From that day forward anyone who ordered a hero from the shop and subsequent shops would order a “sub” rather than a hero. Of course what you call a hero will vary based on the culture of your location.

Top Three Delis in the US

These Delis aren’t just the top of the heap, they’re the best of the best. If you find yourself near one of these delis while searching deli near me, consider yourself lucky. Read on for a list of the top three delis in the US!

1. Zingermans, Ann Arbor, MI

After years of steady growth, Zingermans has found itself to be a true Michigan

2. 2nd Ave Deli, New York, NY

If you’re a lover of meaty sandwiches stacked thick with deli meat goodness, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and so much more at the 2nd Ave Deli.

3. Katz’s Delicatessen, New York, NY

There’s a reason Katz’s Deli is known around the world. From sandwiches piled high with delicious deli meats to amazing hero offerings. This deli will never go out of style!

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