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As one of the fastest growing trends in the United States, food delivery is on a massive upswing. Once a convenience reserved for urban areas, delivery is finally reaching rural areas and small towns, with more and more businesses offering the option for delivery. In 2013, 60% of all Americans admitted to ordering food for delivery at least once a week. As the market for delivery grows, the number of restaurants and even grocery stores offering delivery will increase drastically.

The ease of dialing a number, ordering food, and having it arrive at your door soon after is a modern luxury that can’t be beat. Many businesses are making delivery easier on the pocket book too by slashing delivery fees and order minimums. Are you interested in finding delivery near you? Simply browse delivery near me on the map below and find restaurants and businesses offering delivery in your area. Need a bit more information on delivery? Read on for facts, trivia, and even one of a kind delivery services!

Delivery Near Me – Find it on the Map

Delivery Near Me – Delivery Trivia

Who is least likely to say please and thank you to a delivery driver?

If you’re searching delivery near me, then you probably understand that someone is providing a service for you and making your life a touch easier. Because of this, you’ll likely implement some delivery etiquette towards your driver. Unfortunately, not every age group holds that perspective.

delivery near me

Domino’s currently holds the top spot for pizza delivery in the US!

Research that suggests that American college students are the least likely to tip a delivery driver, say thank you, and say please when ordering. Dubbed the age of entitlement, this small sect of Americans seems to think that delivery is their right and not a service being provided for them. While this may not come as a surprise, many drivers would appreciate a nice “thanks!”

What time is most food for delivery ordered?

While you might think that most food delivery is ordered around dinner time, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, statistics show otherwise. According to studies, food is most often delivered between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. While delivery is convenient at every time of day, most young people just can’t get enough of having food delivered late at night when going out feels most like a chore.

What food is ordered more than any other?

If you’re browsing delivery near me, you’re likely hankering for one of these two common delivery options. According to statistics on delivery in the US, pizza and Chinese are the two most commonly ordered cuisines amongst consumers. The third most ordered menu option? Fried chicken and fast food items. Of course, most fast food chains still only delivery in major cities or areas with a large University system.

True or false: Domino’s is the leading takeout and delivery franchise.

True! Move over Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, when it comes to the pizza franchises, Domino’s reigns supreme. The brand has long held the top spot for delivery in the United States and abroad. Many attribute this to zero delivery fees, special menu bundles for consumers choosing delivery rather than pick up, and frequent coupon incentives/deals.

Delivery Near Me – Delivery Facts

Eating In Is The New Dining Out

If you’re searching delivery near me, then you’re an American with a love of convenience. Modern consumers want the experience and ease of “eating out” but want the relaxed atmosphere of staying in and having food delivered. According to market research, the number of restaurant style meals eaten at home is expected to grow a massive 20% in the next 10 years. The increase of at home leisure is a key component to the growth in delivery.

Technology And Delivery

While delivery was always convenient and just a phone call away, the internet has made ordering delivery even more simple than it previously was. Not only has the advent of e-commerce platforms, smartphones, and delivery apps made ordering food more accessible, but the interactive elements introduced with delivery trackers and text alerts, has made ordering food an event. In fact, Pizza Hut’s new smartphone app, was responsible for a $1 million increase in sales right off the bat. Domino’s delivery tracker app is also attributed to an increase in sales. Now that delivery is more convenient than ever, it’s no wonder you’re searching delivery near me!

Fast Facts About Delivery in the US

In your quest to find delivery near me, keep these fun facts in mind about the delivery industry. They might just influence what you choose! Just don’t let your decision take over 14 minutes or you might just find yourself at odds with the norm!

1. 72% of all pizza is now ordered via delivery app rather than on the telephone

2. On average Males order delivery 3.9 times a month and females order delivery 3.2 times per month.

3. 67% of consumers order their food via fast food delivery apps such as Seamless, GrubHub, and Eat24.

4. The average person mulls over their delivery choices for 14 minutes before settling on a dish. Women tend to spend more time than men on this aspect of delivery.

5. Some delivery addicts have admitted to spending $11,000 per year on delivery take out. That’s as much as a person on minimum wage might make in a year!

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