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People will always need dentists- which means the demand for dentists and students entering the dental field has never been higher! Cheaper than medical school, dental school can offer the same financial benefits and job security without the rigorous hurdles or cost. If you’ve been considering dental school, now’s the time to make the leap and go for your dreams.

Looking for great dental schools near you? Simply browse dental schools near me on the map below and find a list of highly rated dental schools in your local area. Need a bit more information on dental schools? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more. You’ll apply with confidence!

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How much does it cost to go to dental school?

There’s no doubt about it- college is expensive. No matter what major you choose, you’ll have to find a way to pay for your bachelor’s and beyond. Some schools are far more cost effective than others. Finding the right one means knowing both your educational needs and your financial freedoms or constraints. Just how much does it cost to go to dental school? Read on as you search dental schools near me. For the most part, the tuition cost for four years of dental school in the US ranges from $21,600 (per year) in state to $64,800 (per year) out of state. A private institution can cost upwards of $300,000 for all four years.

How long do you have to be in school to be a dentist?

Schooling is an important part of getting your degree as a dentist- but, just how much schooling is required in order to earn that coveted degree. As you search dental schools near me, consider just how many years of school you’ll need to complete. On average, dental school will take four years to complete at a full time status. This means that those who complete a bachelor’s first will be in school for a total of eight years. Those who do not finish a bachelor’s first or who choose to do a combined degree program, may only take seven years to complete their schooling.

dental schools near me

Making the choose to go to dental school means a secure future spent helping others!

What is the starting salary for a dentist?

Will all of that schooling pay off? Yes! The starting salary for a dentist is well above the average salary in the US. So just how much is a starting dentist paid? According to the BLS, dentists earn a median salary of $153,900. The best paid and experienced dentists earned around $208,000. The lowest paid dentists (those typically working in low income or at free clinics), may make around $67,690. Of course, how much you make will depend on your location, experience, and whether not you work at a private practice or at a larger network of dental offices. Knowing what you want prior to searching dental schools near me may help guide you in the right direction, especially when choosing a place to do your dental training.

Dental Schools Near Me – Dental Schools Facts

How long does the average American brush their teeth for?

Teeth may be one of our most precious assets, but that doesn’t mean that most Americans are taking care of them each and everyday. In fact, teeth are one of the things many of us tend to neglect when in a hurry or trying to curb costs. How many Americans brush their teeth everyday? Well, the statistics may surprise you. According to data, only one in four adults don’t brush their teeth everyday. On average, a person will only brush their teeth for 45 to 70 seconds. Most dentists recommend that teeth be brushed for at least two minutes. Meaning that many Americans are not brushing their teeth adequately, leading to an uptick in dental issues. The average American will spend a total of 38.5 days of their life brushing their teeth. Not bad in the grand scheme of things! The average person has around 32 teeth, that’s ten less than dogs who have 42. Cats have 30 and giraffes don’t have any top teeth at all.

Wooden teeth: A Popular myth?

Ever heard about George Washington and his famed wooden teeth? How much truth actually resides in this story? Consider this as you search dental schools near me. For generations, children have been taught that our first president had no choice but to utilize wooden teeth, something you simply can’t help but cringe about when picturing how that would work. Splinters aside, the myth wouldn’t die. Even the internet seems a bit mixed on whether or not there is any truth to this hollow story. Well, contrary to this very popular muth, historians have revealed that George Washington did not likely ever have wooden teeth. Instead, his dentures were made from ivory, gold, and other human teeth. That’s right- old human teeth were placed in George Washington’s mouth to form dentures. The more you know, right? The dentures were reportedly very uncomfortable and made Washington self-conscious. Apparently, his lower lip jut out unnaturally due to the dentures. Something he often tried to control in public. Since dentists weren’t popular during this time period, teeth were always falling out and needing to be replaced. While wood may have been more economical and widely available, it certainly wasn’t placed in anyone’s mouth in the form of a denture.

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