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Teeth are nasty? Do you have bad breath? Did you chip a tooth or are you suffering from pain in your mouth? There are many reasons to need a dentist. Maybe you just happen to be new to an area and are in need of a regular routine check-up and cleaning.

Well, no matter the reason, we are here to help you. Just check out the Dentist Near Me Map below. You will find the locations of all the nearby dentists. Select a location and find the name of the office, the phone number, the address and even the hours of operation. You will also find reviews, be sure to read a few to see if it is the right place for you and the website. Finally, with a few clicks, you can get directions and be on your way.

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Dental Office Hours of Operation

Dental offices generally have a wide range of hour options, depending on which patients they have. Due to having patients who often need to squeeze their visits around work offices may open as early as 7AM and close as late as 9PM. These hours are often reduced on the weekend or some offices are not even open on the weekend. Dental offices are often closed on holidays as well; however, you can sometimes find emergency services that may provide immediate assistance if needed, but that would generally be expensive. When you are looking for a dentist with Dentist Near Me, be sure to check the hours it is open if you can’t be very flexible with your own schedule.

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Floss continues to be a highly recommended by dentists to be used each day.

Tips for Tooth Care

Here are some specific tips for regular tooth care. If you follow them well, hopefully you will only need to see your family dentist only for your regular routine check-up and cleaning.

1. Your daily routine should involve brushing your teeth twice a year and include flossing. Rinse with a fluoride rinse.
2. When you brush your teeth, take your time, it should take about 3 minutes.
3. Be sure to change your toothbrush 3 – 4 times a year.
4. After eating, it is helpful to rinse your mouth out or chew sugar-free gum.
5. Smoking or chewing tobacco damage and stain teeth, so avoid it whenever possible.
6. Watch what you eat. Make sure to have a well-balanced diet, including a range of food. Avoiding sugary foods is always good advice.

While the list of tips will help, be sure to always make a regular visit to your dentist to help keep your teeth strong and shiny.

Fun facts about Teeth and Dentists in America

1. Americans learn at a young age about the dangers of poor tooth care. 78% of Americans have at least 1 cavity by the age of 17. The other 22% should feel proud about being ahead of the curve.
2. 80% of Americans get some kind of gum disease in their lifetime.
3. In 1 year, over 500 million visits to the dentist are taken in America.
4. Only around 64% of adults in America visit the dentist every year.
5. 83% of American children visit the dentist every year.
6. Those people who consume 3 or more drinks of soda a day have 62% more decay of their tooth, including tooth loss and fillings.
7. There are around 150,000 dentists in the United States

Overall, it is important to keep your teeth in good care and when you are ready to look for a dentist look up a dentist be sure to look at Dentist Near Me to make an appointment at the 150,000 dentists in this country.

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10 Most Common Dental Procedures?

Most people tend to hate going to the dentist. While good dental hygiene is important for many reasons and we use our mouths a lot, there are 10 simple, and not so simple, procedures that are the most common reason to visit the dentist. Are you ready for them?

1. Bonding: Did you damage your tooth? Maybe you chipped it or even let it decay a bit from poor maintenance. Well, if that is the case than bonding is what you are looking at. This is when the tooth gets a plastic filling or coating to repair damaged teeth and sometimes also to fill gaps. It isn’t one of those big scary procedures.

2. Sealant: This is similar to bonding; this is when a protective barrier is put up around the tooth. Basically, you get a nice plastic coat for your teeth to wear. This is important if the enamel (natural protection) of the teeth has worn off and become destroyed.

3. Crowning and Capping: Another procedure in the repairing of damaged teeth category is is crowning and capping. This is the filling of cavities sometimes. If you have a damaged or cracked tooth it is filled or capped with a material that is strong enough to say in place. It is normally porcelain or metal, sometimes gold maybe.

4. Veneers: To add to the repairing of damaged teeth, veneers, you could probably guess, is to make the teeth look better. It is very similar to bonding, but uses ceramic to protect and repair the teeth.

5. Fillings: Just like crowning and sealant a filling is there to repair a tooth, but strictly from a cavity. It is normally done with a silver mixture and covered up with a resin. Just so, you know, it doesn’t fall out.

6. Root Canal: Well, maybe, your teeth have become diseased and it is really painful. What can you do? Well, a root canal is there as an option. It involved cutting into the roots (base) of the teeth and extracting all of the diseased tissue. Not very pleasant but sometimes it has to be done.

7. Extraction: Sometimes a tooth just can’t be saved. This is when it needs to be removed for good and to do this, we extract it. The tooth and roots all have to come out. If you are like many people, you probably had your wisdom teeth removed.

8. Braces: Finally, a not really damaged tooth situation. Maybe your teeth just grew in a bit crooked or are a bit crowded in some areas and less in other, so they need spacing out. So, braces are applied. The most well known are the metal wire style that are attached to the teeth; however, various styles have come about and some are not even permanently attached any more. Overall, the goal is just to place steady pressure on the teeth and slowly push them until they are moved to the appropriate location.

9. Bridges and Implants: After a tooth has been removed, for whatever reason, sometimes people prefer to fill in the hole and fix their smiles with artificial teeth. This is done through bridges and implants. It can be one or more teeth that are added and through a few different methods, but the ultimate goal is a beautiful smile.

10. Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is another common procedure and probably the most common. Unless you have magical teeth, your teeth normally get darkened and stained over years and you just want to get nice shiny white teeth, this is what you want to do.

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