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Having good teeth means more than just a straight smile, it means caring for every aspect of your dental health through routine check ups, regular brushing, and flossing. Often times, visiting a dentist bi-annually is the best line of defense against the myriad of dental issues that can occur. From gum disease and plaque build up to yellowing of the teeth, a great dentist can help you face down and prevent these issues with ease.

Looking for a dentist in your area? Browse dentist office near me on the map below and find a qualified dentist in your region. Need a bit more information on finding the right dentist? Read on for facts, tips, trivia, and recommendations. It might just be something to chew on at your next dental visit!

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Why do you have to go to the dentist every six months?

It might seem like dentists recommend regular six month visits to protect their on bottom line- but in reality, there are some science backed reasons why you every person should visit the dentist at least twice a year. As you search dentist office near me, consider why biannual trips to the dentist might just save your teeth and your budget. Without question, the top reason to see a dentist every six months is to prevent tooth decay. Dentists are able to quickly diagnose tooth decay, which is defined as the destruction of the outer layer of the teeth. This condition tends to worsen every six months or so as plaque builds up and slowly ruins your teeth. Visiting a dentist twice a year prevents decay from damaging your teeth, which can improve your oral health and reverse the effects of plaque buildup. Plaque is the sticky deposit that clings to the teeth and gum line. When plaque builds up on the teeth, it results in tartar, which discolors the teeth. Visiting a dentist regularly is the best way to prevent plaque, tartar, and tooth decay.

dentist office near me

A dentist can keep your smile healthy and bright now and later on!

Can visiting a dentist regularly actually save you money?

Let’s face it- dental work can be expensive. Just the sheer idea of shelling out hundreds of dollars can keep even the most devoted dental fan from walking through the doors of their local dental office. But can visiting a dentist regularly actually save you money in the long run? The answer is a very resounding yes! Consider the reasons as you search dentist office near me. By identifying oral-related problems early on in the game, you could save more money in the future. Regular dental care and maintenance of your teeth can reduce the odds that you’ll develop gum disease and tooth decay later on. This will make you less likely to require very costly dental work such as a root canal or tooth extraction. Oftentimes a simple root canal or implant can cost several thousand dollars. Whereas as regular check up may only cost $100 or even less if you have dental insurance. Visiting a dentist every six months means avoiding the very expensive treatments that may put you in a complicated position in the future. Spend now and save later, that’s the key when it comes to dental work.

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When To Make A Dental Appointment

Knowing when to visit the dentist in between regular check ups can be tricky. After all, what’s normal when it comes to the mouth and what is indicative of a more serious problem? There a few instances when you should never ignore symptoms and make an appointment as soon as possible. Consider just a few reasons as you search dentist office near me. If you find that your gums are puffy, bleeding when you brush or floss, or if you have a history of gum disease, it’s time to make an appointment. While you might not want to shell out the cash, future gum related issues are typically far more expensive than simple fixes that can be performed now. Do you have medical issues? If so, your dentist may play a vital role on your treatment team. If you suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, or are HIV positive, you may want to include your dentist when undergoing medical treatment. Treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone replacement therapies can all be detrimental to your teeth. Do you have trouble eating? Can you not eat one side of the mouth or do you suffer pain when chewing? These are all reasons to seek dental help today. Your issues could arise from something as simple as a cavity or something as serious as gum disease. Don’t delay, see your dentist today.

Dental cleanings: necessary?

From the time you were young, you were likely advised to get regular dental cleanings. Unfortunately, most of us missed the memo. Either we don’t want to spend the cash or we simply don’t have time in between work, school, parenthood, or the other engagements that take up our precious time. Despite this, dental cleanings may be a true necessity. Consider this as you search dentist office near me. Professional dental cleanings aren’t just for keeping your smile bright and healthy; they actually have a significant impact on your overall health. Insufficient oral hygiene has been linked to many serious illnesses. Associated medical and dental issues can include, bone loss, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and many other issues. Brushing and flossing regularly at home are essential to keeping teeth healthy and thoroughly clean. You should always schedule regular checkups with your dentist and annual dental cleanings with your hygienist.

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