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One of the greatest temptations in life is none other than a delectable dessert. Whether you like something extremely sweet or something more savory with just a hint of sweetness, you probably can’t help but love desserts. There are so many business where you can buy these sweets, even around you, that you should have no problem finding the desert that you want.

If you’re curious about what bakeries and concession shops are around where you live, just search Desserts near me to find your nearest location!

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Dessert Near Me – Dessert Trivia

What Is the most expensive dessert in the world?

The most expensive dessert in the world, believe it or not, is actually a chocolate sundae. This sundae is made from the world’s rarest varieties of cocoa along with 5 grams of edible 23-karat gold. If you’re interested in trying out this sundae, it will run you about $25,000.

dessert near me

There is a wide variety of desserts for you to try nowadays!

Why was candy cane invented in Germany?

It’s not known fully if this is true but according to legend, the candy cane was invented in Germany with the specific purpose of keeping children quiet in church, if they were tempted with the delicious candy, they were much more happy to oblige.

How large was the largest gingerbread house?

The largest gingerbread house ever created was about 2,500 sq. ft and it was built in Texas. While this house was quite large, the calories it contained was astronomical. This gingerbread house contained about 35,000,000 calories.

Is German chocolate cake actually German?

It’s a misconception that because of its name, that German chocolate cake comes from Germany. That is actually false! It’s namesake is Sam German who was an American chocolatier who created the baking chocolate that is used in the cake.

Are croissants French?

Again, this is another popular misconception just like the German chocolate cake but it’s also false! Croissants are not actually French at all. They were invented by a baker in Vienna to warn the military of Turks taking over the city.

How was The popsicle made?

The popsicle was one of those things that were made by accident. Frank Epperson, who was only eleven years old, was stirring up a cup of powdered soda and water with a stick when he left it it outside overnight which caused it to freeze. Because of his mistake, we have the delicious frozen treats that we have today.

Is the ice cream in commercials actually real?

When you see a commercial about ice cream, you can’t help but get a craving for the frozen treat. They make it look so good on screen that it’s no surprise that you’re tempted. Would you still feel the same though if you knew that ice cream was actually mashed potatoes? They prefer to use mashed potatoes during the long production hours so they don’t have to worry about the ice cream melting. Don’t worry though, you can still get some ice cream to treat yourself! Just search Dessert near me to find your nearest location.

Dessert Near Me – Dessert Facts

No one is quite sure where smores actually got their start but many believe they originated in 1927. This is because during that time, a recipe called “some mores” appeared in a book about campfires called, “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. There are also some sources that attribute the origins of these sweet treats actually dates back to the Victorian era.

There is actually a popular flavor of ice cream in Japan that happens to be quite dangerous. It’s made from Pit Viper which is a poisonous snake. The chefs actually cover themselves in ice cream when catching the snakes to throw them off their heat-sensing ability.

The word dessert originated from the French word desservir which means to clear the table. The first known usage of the word was from a health education manual known as Naturall and artificial Directions for Health which was written by William Vaughan in the 1600s.

Some common ingredients in sweet desserts are usually cane sugar, palm sugar, honey or some types of syrup such as molasses or maple syrup. When it comes to Western-style desserts, some common ingredients happen to be flour and other starches, fats such as butter, dairy, eggs, acidic ingredients such as lemon juice and spices and other flavoring agents such as chocolate or peanut butter. Each ingredient has its use in the desserts. For example, sugars contribute moisture and tenderness to the baked goods, flour or starch components serve as a protein and give the dessert structure and so on and so forth.

Did you know that chocolate chips were invented after the chocolate chip cookie? It’s actually true! Chocolate chips were created in response to the cookie’s popularity rather than the cookie being designed for the chips. The first chocolate chip cookies were actually made by accident by Ruth Wakefield. Ruth tried to add chopped chocolate to cookie dough in hopes that it would make a shortcut to making a chocolate cookie and hoped the chocolate pieces would melt. Those chocolate pieces didn’t melt though and that’s how the chocolate chip cookie came around. If you’re in the mood for some chocolate chip cookies, just search Desserts near me.

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