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From once being told that he would never be a good salesman to being the name behind a fortune 500 company, Richard Stack has made quite a legacy for himself. Dick’s Sporting Goods has become one of the top sports equipment retailers in the U.S. and with plenty of locations in 47 states, it won’t be hard to find one close to you.

Just go to ” Dick’s Sporting Goods near me” and find the latest in running sneakers, Under Armour, Adidas, and more. Dick’s has a whole range of sports equipment including fishing, tennis, and soccer.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Near Me – Find it on the Map

DICK’S Sporting Goods Near Me – DICK’S Sporting Goods Trivia

Where did Dick Stack work before starting his own business?

When Dick was a teenager, he worked at his local Army/Navy store where his boss rejected a lot of his store expansion schemes and told him he would never be a good in sales, so to prove him wrong and pursue his dream, he opened a small shop that sold fishing supplies and bait.

dicks sporting goods near me

A DICK’S Sporting Goods location

What specialty fishing supply store does Dick’s own today?

Field and stream was a fairly new store started up in PA by the same owners of the larger sports retailer and they plan on opening up several new stores by next year. Need a new tackle box? what about a top of the line rod and reel? Check out “Dick’s Sporting Goods near me” and see what’s available!

Did you know?

Dick’s was an official sponsor of the Rio Olympic games this year!

What three teams does Dick’s sponsor?

They stayed true to their original hometown of Pittsburgh PA and sponsor the Pittsburgh Penguins, but they also sponsor the Colorado Avalanche and the rapids team as well.

Yikes! In 2014, Dick’s top competitor store Modell’s CEO was on the show “Undercover Boss” when he decided to sneak in as a customer to get top secret business information from the Dick’s employees.

Did you know?

Dick’s Sporting Goods had different logos hiding in the apostrophe of the word Dick’s, mostly balls from different sports like Golf and Basketball to name just a few.

What three states does Dick’s not own stores in?

For some reason, Hawaii, Alaska, and Montana do not have any Dick’s Sporting Goods stores yet! Hopefully they will expand and add more in the West Coast since a large portion of the stores are located in the Eastern part of the U.S.

Who Gave Richard Stack the money to open up his first ever store?

Dick’s granny! When Richard told his grandmother that his boss mocked his entrepreneurial skills, you took some money from her savings and told him to open up his own store. She gave him $300 to start his very first tackle and bait shop. Thank goodness too, Richard’s business took off within a couple years!

DICK’S Sporting Goods Near Me – DICK’S Sporting Goods Facts

Richard Stack died in the early 80s, but his two sons still run the company and now own Golf Galaxy, Field and Stream, Chelsea Collective and True Runner. They also bought the companies, Galyan’s and Chicks sporting stores as well.

This year alone, Dick’s Sporting Goods managed to return over 300 million dollars to their shareholders. They estimate making more by next year and expect to also open over 30 new stores.

Dick’s COO Andre Hawaux was once the CFO of both Pepsi North America and ConAgra foods before he was chosen as the operations manager of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Golf Galaxy is not only a place for all things golf equipment, it’s also a place where you can book private golf lessons too. They carry a slew of name brand golf equipment from big brands like Taylor Made, Titleist, Nike, and several other brands. They also have practice ranges inside the stores and golf simulators to help you achieve that perfect swing.

If your into College teams, Dick’s has an online brand of team jerseys, home décor, and collectables through sponsorship by ESPN. Curious about where to get some Florida Gator gear? Proud like a Nittany Lion? Check out “Dick’s Sporting Goods near me” to find your favorite team products.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods website gives tips to all their customers that range from buying the right cleats, to the basics of how to do yoga.

Dick’s and one of their competitors, Cabela’s is pretty neck in neck as far as ratings are concerned, but Cabela’s is mostly a hunting supply company, while Dick’s sells a large variety of different sports equipment. Dick’s is focused on improving their online sales and brand as well as their in store one. With around 7 billion dollars in revenue, it’s obvious that they already do very well in all facets of their company.

October is breast cancer awareness month and Dick’s has plenty of brand name products promoting this cause. From t- shirts to pink tennis balls, you can represent awareness for this cause while playing your favorite sports!

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