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Diesel fuel is any type of liquid fuel that can be used in diesel engines. In a diesel engine, ignition takes place without any type of spark, resulting in the compression of the inlet air mixture followed by the injection of fuel. Many cars who run on diesel can enjoy better gas mileage than those who don’t, though the fuel itself can be a bit more expensive to buy.

Are you interested in finding diesel fuel near you? Simply browse diesel fuel near me on the map below and find a list of stations selling diesel fuel in your area. Need a bit more information on diesel fuel. Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Diesel Fuel Near Me – Find it on the Map

Diesel Fuel Near Me – Diesel Fuel Trivia

True or false: Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines.

One reason why many people choose to go with diesel engines is that they are believed to be far more efficient than a traditional gasoline engine. But is this really true? Consider this as you search diesel fuel near me. Diesel engines are in fact more efficient than gasoline engines. According to some studies, a gas engine is only about 20% efficient. This means that only 20% of the fuel actually works to move the car. The rest is lost to noise, engine functions, friction, or it simply escapes as heat in the exhaust pipe. In contrast, a diesel engine can reach levels of 40% efficiency or even higher. This is why heavy vehicles often depend on diesel fuel, as efficiency is key in keeping costs low while still being able to stay on the road. Efficiency increases gas mileage, meaning fewer trips to the pump and more dollars in your pocket.

diesel fuel near me

Diesel fuel can offer better mileage than traditional gas.

True or false: Diesel fuel is less flammable than regular gasoline.

Strike a flame near some gasoline and you’ll have a fire that is quickly burning beyond control. Can the same be said for striking a match near diesel fuel? While all fuel has the capacity to catch fire, some believe that diesel fuel is actually less flammable than traditional gasoline. Can this be true? Yes! Diesel fuel is actually less flammable than gasoline (though still flammable). This is because in a car, it takes a very intense amount of pressure or a sustained flame in order to ignite the diesel. It will not just ignite due to proximity. In contrast, if you were to toss a lit match into a pool of gasoline, it would ignite the vapors before even touching the surface of the pool. As you search diesel fuel near me, you’ll find that this type of fuel is less flammable than gasoline. But keep in mind, it is still flammable. It is never a good idea to smoke or light a match when in the vicinity of gasoline or diesel fuel. Always air on the side of caution when pumping any kind of fuel!

Diesel Fuel Near Me – Diesel Fuel Facts

How dirty is diesel?

Diesel often gets a bad reputation for being terrible for the environment. After all, if you get behind a truck on the highway burning diesel, you’ll often see a big plume of black exhaust not far behind. Given that emissions are one of the top causes of global warming- many wonder if diesel fuel is worth it due to the damage it may be causing to the environment. Just how dirty is diesel? Consider this as you search diesel fuel near me. Diesel fuel is dirty, but it’s trying to clean up its act. The US EPA now requires all diesel engines to meet the same pollution criteria that’s placed on gasoline engines. Carmakers have begun adding devices known as diesel particulart filters. These filters work to remove that visible plume of smoke that can often be seen coming from the exhaust pipes of most diesel vehicles. The rule of thumb is to buy a diesel vehicle or truck that’s from 2007 or later. This is when EPA standards were put into place, ensuring that a diesel engine was no longer any dirtier than a gasoline engine.

Getting Peak Power

There’s no doubt about it- people love to drive fast. Cruise down any highway or back road in America and you’ll see people going well above the set speed limits. It seems as if most Americans have a true need for speed. Next time you think about putting the pedal to the floor, think about your gas mileage and overall efficiency. Most diesel engines get best performance when traveling below 65 miles per hour. In fact, diesel engines will reach peak power when the number of engine revolutions per minute (RPMS) are low, generally at speeds well below the 65 mile per hour mark. This means that if you want to get the best out of your diesel engine, you’re going to want to lay off the gas and take things slow. This may be why big trucks and construction vehicles are often going a moderate pace, even when the speed limit is 65. In contrast, Gasoline engines, get to peak power by running the engine very fast and very high, around 5,000 RPMS. This is why most gas engine vehicles enjoy better gas mileage on the highway rather than in the city. Consider how to get the most of fuel mileage as you search diesel fuel near me.

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