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In a digital age, protecting yourself online can often be a necessity. Whether someone steals your online content or simply slanders your name on social media, a great lawyer can help you to navigate the murky waters of internet law.

Ready to find a digital media and internet lawyer near you? Simply browse digital media & internet lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of qualified attorneys in your region. Need more information on digital media and internet law? How about the facts on your rights online? Keep reading for more information on laws governing the internet and when an attorney might be a necessity.

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What is internet law?

In a digital age, protecting yourself and your property online is key. Whether you’re attempting to keep your identity safe from thieves or have struggled with your creative digital property, an internet lawyer is the first person you should call for advice and counsel. With that said, understanding internet law isn’t simple. What is internet law? How does internet law operate? Consider these facts as you search digital media & internet lawyer near me. Essentially, internet law relates to how legal principles and legislation are able to govern the use of the internet in its many forms. Internet law is also known as cyberlaw. Given the fluid and often chaotic nature of the internet, the law of this digital platform cannot always be identified in one solid, stable, or specific field of law practice. Instead, internet law incorporates and applies the principles from many traditional fields, including: privacy law, contract law, and copyright law. Internet law can also include: laws regarding to the creation of websites/designs, laws governing service providers, laws relating to trademarks online, resolving conflicts over domain names, and laws related to linking websites. Given that the internet is still fairly new and always evolving, the law surrounding this entity is often uncertain and difficult to define. Laws are often best interpreted on a case by case basis. If you’re not sure if you have a case regarding internet law, consult with a lawyer before dismissing your case.

digital media & internet lawyer near me

Dealing with legal matters online isn’t easy. Don’t go it alone, hire a lawyer!

What are examples of digital media?

When searching digital media & internet lawyer near me, you’re also searching for digital media and how it relates to the law. What is digital media? Digital media includes software, digital images, digital video, video games, web pages, social media, data and data basis, MP3 audio, an electronic books. If you are having a legal issue relating to digital media, an internet lawyer should be your first call. While a general lawyer can take on these types of cases, an internet lawyer is best equipped to handle the case.

Digital Media & Internet Lawyer Near Me – Digital Media & Internet Lawyer Facts

When do you need an internet lawyer?

You might not think you need to hire an internet lawyer, but certain cases will require an expert in the field of online law. When do you need to hire an internet lawyer? You will need to hire an internet lawyer to deal with any of the following issues online: domain name issues, intellectual property, online business law, privacy, censorship, and online defamation. In regards to online defamation, you are within your rights to search internet lawyer near me if your name has been slandered unfairly on the internet or if a major publication has damaged your reputation unfairly or without just cause, you may have a major lawsuit on your hands. Not sure if you need an internet lawyer? Search digital media & internet lawyer near me and find the representation you deserve.

Types of Internet Regulation

While searching digital media & internet lawyer near me, you’ll likely stumble across the idea of “internet regulation.” In some countries, this is a major aspect of internet law. Here in the US, you’re probably not overly familiar with the idea of internet regulation. That’s because the internet is free and open in the US. There is not any government censorship of the internet. In fact, the only kind of censorship you may face online is through your workplace. Obviously, your boss doesn’t want you browsing Facebook or Instagram on office time. The same cannot be said of countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. In these countries, the internet is greatly censored. However, even without censorship, the internet is overseen in four major ways in all countries. The four methods of overseeing the internet include:

Laws: In most countries, laws are in place to mold behavior and manage policy, especially when it comes to arenas such as gambling, child pornography, or fraud.

Architecture: Architecture refers to the actual technological limitations of the world wide web. This includes how information can be transmitted on the internet through search engines, filters, encryption and coding.

Norms: Human behavior is almost always governed by cultural norms. This means, inappropriate comments can be deleted from online forums, and the moderators of these forums can choose to censor out hate speech or any kind of inappropriate comments that may make others uncomfortable.

Markets: The online marketplace can be a lot like the wild west. However, ethical behavior, creativity, and self regulation is all encouraged through laws.

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