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When dinner time rolls around, it’s not always easy to make a choice. Do you go with your gut or go with what please the entire family? Often it’s a struggle to decide what to make or where to eat. Of course, every culture approaches dinner in their own unique way. Dinner can even differ regionally from state to state depending on your values, religion, and heritage.

Are you interested in finding dinner places near you? Simply browse dinner near me on the map below and find a list of dinner joints located within a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on dinner? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on dinner!

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How and when did dinner come about?

It may seem like dinner has always been woven into the fabric of humanity, but when did we decide that dinner came at a certain hour or time of the day? As you search dinner near me, consider these amazing facts. Throughout history, city dwellers tended to dine much later and much longer than their rural counterparts. Those in rural regions were often forced to rise early, which meant going to bed early. Their biggest meal of the day rarely came right before bed. In urban regions, evening was when many travelers and business people settled into an inn or back at home. Dining at this hour was the only option and often a necessity. In medieval Europe, dinner was traditionally eaten midday. Most often, these meals were taken in the fields and were then followed by a siesta. The traditional sit down dinner was often reserved for those in the upper class. There was not an established routine for men and women until President Thomas Jefferson illustrated the importance of a routine for gentleman. During his retirement at his home in Monticello, Jefferson enjoyed two meals per day: breakfast at 9:00 AM and dinner at 4:00 PM. In letters to old friends in 1810, Jefferson first described the need for dinner at this hour. It gave him time for family, friends, and reading. Of course, one must always retire early to bed.

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Sitting down to dinner is a tradition that won’t die out anytime soon!

True or false: Dinner is a proven stress reliever.

For some families, the idea of dinner as a form of stress relief may seem pretty unbelievable, but researchers agree that if you have a demanding job or a busy schedule, finding time to eat with your family will definitely leave you feeling less stressed and more at ease with your life. Consider these facts as you search dinner near me. In 2008, researchers at Brigham Young University conducted a study on several IBM workers who were often stressed out from long hours in the office. They found that sitting down to a family meal helped both mothers and fathers reduce the tension and strain of a day spent crossing off to do lists and meeting hectic work demands. Of course, for some families, there may be some stress in simply getting dinner on the table. The takeaway is that time with family, speaking about your day and learning about your the day your child or spouse had, can not only ease your tension, it can ease their tension as well.

Dinner Near Me – Dinner Facts

Exposing Your Family To Good Foods

Every parent, grandparent, and aunt or uncle knows that it isn’t always easy to get kids to eat good foods at dinner time. As you search dinner near me, odds are you’re trying to find a way to eat fast and maintain your family’s health. If so, you’re doing the right thing. Researchers have found that a family meal is the best opportunity for parents to expose their children to different foods and work on expanding their tastes outside of chicken nuggets and pizza. According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2003, children who offered vegetables consistently for at least eight days are not only more prone to trying out the vegetable, but at the end they will be more inclined to report liking the food. This is especially true if children are offered a reward for eating foods they truly dislike. The more you expose your child to a food they’re not fond of (perhaps based on look or texture), the more likely they are to try it and eventually develop a taste for the item.

The End of the Family Dinner?

Now there’s no way to know if you’re searching dinner near me for yourself or your family, but you may still be interested in learning that many fear that the traditional family dinner is nearing its end. In the past, every child and family member sat down to dinner together nearly every night of the week, even if it was in front of the television rather than the dinner table. Nowadays, dinner is a pretty casual affair in many households, as time constraints, long working hours, and social calendars prevent many families from gathering as a complete unit. Now smartphones, television, and work/school work can all keep families from having a casual dinner with one another. While this may not seem like a big deal, many researchers cite that children who don’t eat don’t eat dinner with their families at least a few nights a week are more likely to suffer from behavioral problems and even certain types of depression. Family dinner can be a great time for kids to vent and feel heard by their parents. It is also a time when the distractions of the outside world can be minimized and the focus can be on one another rather than that lingering email you have yet to answer.

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