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Have you got a prescription from a doctor for marijuana and don’t know where to fill it? Well, the rules and laws can restrict the number of places that you can find for medical marijuana, but here you have the Dispensaries Near Me Map.

On the map, you will have the locations of all of the dispensaries in your area shown. Just click on a location and it will give you the name of the location, the address, phone number and the hours of operation. It will also give you a link to the company website and finally it will offer reviews from past customers. After you are done with the map, if you are interested you can read more about the legal status of medial marijuana in the different American states and finally you can enjoy some facts and trivia about marijuana.

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Legal Status of Medical Marijuana in the United States

The United States have a wide range of laws regarding the status of marijuana in America. In the 50 states, only 28 states officially have some form of legalization for medical marijuana in the country. Within those, several get as high as having recreational marijuana legalized. The first country to legalize medical marijuana was made by the state of California in 1996 and since then other states have followed.

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Hemp has been used for centuries to make clothing and rope and is almost identical to marijuana, except the plant doesn’t make THC, the substance used to make one high.

While states have legalized medical marijuana, the federal government has made its stance very clear. At the federal level, the country has marijuana listed as a controlled substance that is officially illegal for people to sell, consume or carry. It is generally illegal. This has brought conflict between states that had legalized medical marijuana and the federal government in the past where dispensaries could be raided even though the state had the substance legal. Since 2009, the federal government has changed its approach and would not spend resources prosecuting people who have serious illnesses.

The future of medical marijuana is still uncertain, but the number of people who support the legalization of it is slowly increasing. In 2005, the support for legalizing marijuana was only 38%, while a recent Gall-up poll has shown that the support is up to 58%. The support has been showing a steady increase over time and will likely be tending towards a change in federal policy within the next couple of decades. Given that during the last election alone 3 more states legalized the use of medical marijuana and it has only been 20 years since California made it legal.


While the state laws have made the use of medical marijuana legal, the creation of dispensaries is a municipal matter. Each city, town or county is responsible for the laws the guide the creation of dispensaries at a local level. Currently, there are 17 states, of the 28 that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, that have dispensaries. The dispensaries are based upon a set up similar to a pharmacy. Patients bring a prescription to the location where they can purchase, but not consume marijuana for their condition. These locations are not FDA certified, as they are not listed with the federal government, due to the fact that the substance is illegal at the federal level.

So, while you may find a dispensary using Dispensary Near Me, the location will be regulated by local and state laws and not federal.

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Marijuana Facts and Trivia

Marijuana has been with humans for much of human history. With that and its popular use with many cultural icons, there are a lot of stories that come along with it. Here are some fun facts for you to enjoy.

1. According to the University of Michigan what percentage of grade 12 students use marijuana in a 12 year period?

In 2015, the University of Michigan released a study in which they found that on average, 30 – 40% 12th grade students tend to use marijuana. The study also said that only around 20% were regular current users and the number dropped down to 6% who used the substance on a daily or near-daily basis. The other high school age groups that were polled found levels lower for the rest of the groups, decreasing by age, so the 8th grade students were the lowest, and the only group that showed a steady decline, while the 10th grade students were close to the 12th grade students.

2. How long has medical marijuana been used?

Would you be surprised that it was actually the Chinese that first have marijuana recorded as a medical substance? Probably not. Dating back to 2727 B.C. the Chinese had recorded the substance as being used for health purposes. The records are a bit controversial about the dating, but it is attributed to the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who conducted medical experiments with the substance. Some of his research may have helped generate the knowledge used in the prescription of medical marijuana. So next time you search Dispensaries Near Me you should thank him for his work.

3. What is the difference between male and female use of marijuana?

There are two major differences between men and women’s effects from the use of marijuana. The first is that women tend to find a higher response to its painkilling effects. Women tend to get better results from the drug as a pain killer. The second is that women develop a bigger tolerance for the drug, which results in a higher dependency. So while they may have had an initial bigger result as a pain killer, it will take more from the drug latter to get the same effect.

4. What was the biggest drug bust?

In 1982, there was a report of a hug drug bust. In the bust a large shipment from Columbia was seized by the US Coast Guard. The seizure caught 95 vessels and 495 individuals who were arrested. The result was 1.7 million pounds of marijuana confiscated by the United States government and 4.7 million by the Colombian government.

5. Beer and Cannabis are related

It turns out that the hops in beer comes from the same family of plants that the cannabis plant comes from. They are rather similar it seems and might give some ideas about why they have similar effects on the human body.

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