Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

For many pet parents, bringing fido along for a bite to eat is a calming and cathartic experience. After all, with your favorite pooch by your side how could you possibly feel stressed out? Dog friendly restaurants are becoming more and more common. Pet parents wish to bring their dogs along for the fun, both to ease the dog’s anxieties about being alone and to feel more relaxed.

Are you interested in finding a dog friendly restaurant near you? Simply browse dog friendly restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of dog friendly restaurants in your neighborhood! Need a bit more information on dog friendly restaurants? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me – Find it on the Map

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me – Dog Friendly Restaurants Trivia

When did people and dogs first become friends?

Humans and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. One relies on the other for companionship, unconditional love, and of course a good pet. But when exactly did people and dogs first being to bond? Consider these facts as you search dog friendly restaurants near me. According to scientists, humans and dogs first became friends some 30,000 years ago during the Ice Age in Europe. This is when wolves, the ancestors of today’s domesticated dogs, were first tamed by ancient hunters. After taming the wolves, humans began to rely on dogs for more than just utilitarian purposes. Sure, a dog could be a useful tool while hunting, but they also proved loyal guardians and loving companions.

dog friendly restaurants near me

Dog friendly restaurants won’t leave fido out in the cold!

Can dogs fall in love?

Love might seem like a very human emotion, but science says dogs can just as easily fall in love as any other type of animal. Consider this as you search dog friendly restaurant near me. The idea that dogs could fall in love was first proposed by an anthropologist named Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. She believed that two dogs named Bean and Sundog were actually star crossed lovers who were kept apart because neither of their owners wanted to give them up just for the sake of puppy love. While the very idea might seem a bit far fetched, researchers agree that it’s not as crazy as it seems. Claremont Graduate University studies found that a dog’s brain actually releases oxytocin (the love hormone) when it is having a positive interaction with humans and dogs. It’s the same hormone that’s released in humans when we hug or kiss. Because of this ability, scientists say that is definitely possible for dogs to fall in love with other dogs and even their human companions. Who knew love was so dog gone sweet?

Do small dogs dream more than big dogs?

Here’s an interesting fact to mull over as you search dog friendly restaurants near me. According to several sleep studies conducted on our four legged friends, small dogs actually dream more often than big dogs. A small dog can dream once every 10 minutes, whereas a big dog such as a Newfoundland may only dream once an hour or less.

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me – Dog Friendly Restaurants Facts

Does a wagging tail mean happiness?

Dogs can have a very nuanced body language, much like us humans. It isn’t always easy to discern when a person is happy and the same can be said for dogs. Though tail wagging has always been equated with happiness and positivity, some studies suggest that tail wagging does not always indicate a good mood. Consider this as you search dog friendly restaurants near me. Though dogs do wag their tail when they’re experiencing happiness, they will wag their tail in a certain direction to indicate feeling. Dogs wag their tail to the right when happy and to the left when they are feeling frightened or anxious. If your dogs tail is wagging very low, it might indicate that they are feeling insecure. If their pupils are dilated and their muscles appear tense, it could also signal aggression. Every wag can be a clue to how your dog is feeling, you just have to pay attention and know how to read the signs!

How smart are dogs really?

Most of us pet parents will admit that our dogs don’t always seem to have it together. In fact, at times it seems as if our beloved four legged friends are about as daft as a brick wall. Strangely enough, dogs are much smarter than you might think. The truth is, that studies show that many dogs are as smart as a two year old child. The American psychological association found that when it comes to simple concepts, most dogs outrank the average toddler. So which breed boasts the most brains? Border collies! Unsurprisingly, border collies are known as the most clever canines. Some are even able to understand up to 200 words. Other smart dog breeds include poodles, german shepherds, golden retrievers, and dobermans. Of course, your dog’s intelligence isn’t everything, personality must also be accounted for when choosing the right breed for your family. As you search dog friendly restaurants near me, consider just how smart many canines actually are. Would you want to own the smartest dog breed or are you okay with what you have? Sound off below!

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