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Caring for your dog’s coat, nails, and teeth is an essential part of keeping your pooch happy and healthy. Some dogs require weekly trips to the groomer while others only require a trip every few months or even seasonally. How often you visit the groomer will be based upon the type of dog you have, their coat length, and breed maintenance standards. Even regular brushing help to maintain your dog’s coat and help revive dry skin.

Are you interested in finding a dog groomer near you? Simply browse dog groomer near me on the map below and find a list of dog groomers in your local area. Need a bit more information on dog grooming? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more! You’ll have fido looking fetching in no time!

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Dog Groomer Near Me – Dog Groomer Trivia

True or false: Certain breeds have hair, not fur.

One common misconceptions amongst dog owners if that all dogs have fur. While most dogs do have fur that routinely grows and sheds in order to make way for new fur to grow in its place, other breeds of dogs have hair instead. What’s the difference between fur and hair? Consider this as you search dog groomer near me. According to groomers, the only real difference between fur and hair is the pattern in which it grows and dies. Breeds with hair will only shed their fur when it dies or is cut, so they tend to shed much less than other dogs. Hair does not remain dormant on the body, thus it never stops as a certain length before dying or falling out. There are several types of dogs that require routine grooming to help with new hair growth and prevent matting. Breeds such as the Collie, Tibetan Terriers, Maltese, and Shih Tzus, all require special grooming practices or they will develop tufts of matted fur. While matted fur may seem harmless enough, it can actually lead to a number of issues, including skin infection, maggot infestation, and loss of blood to certain areas of the body. Luckily, regular brushing and grooming can keep hair from becoming matted and keep your pooch happy and healthy.

dog groomer near me

Dog groomers love to help your four legged friends look and feel their best!

What are the stages of fur growth and shedding?

If you’re searching dog groomer near me, you have noticed that your dog tends to shed more at certain times of the year. This is because there are several stages of growth and shedding. Breeds of dogs that boast fur that sheds have coats that have a particular growth pattern. This pattern tends to include three distinct stages; growing, resting, and shedding. In a nutshell, the fur keeps on growing until it reaches a determined length and then dies, falls off, and regrows once more. Fur is most often meant to be shed before the summer month to help keep the dog cool, unfortunately, due to domestication, not every dog will do this on their own. This is why you may find that your dog constantly sheds year round rather than by each season.

Dog Groomer Near Me – Dog Groomer Facts

Why Nail Trimming Matters

Many pet parents are apt to drop off their dog at the groomer with just a haircut in mind. In reality, you should always aim for a full range of grooming services, including cleaning and trimming nails. Nail trimming matters because it can help keep unwanted bacteria from building up in the nails, thus preventing infections from harming your pet. Additionally, long nails are very uncomfortable and may break unevenly. This can make it difficult and painful for your dog to put pressure on their nails while walking. You may even notice that your dog limps when his or her nails are a bit too long. When you search dog groomer near me, always inquire about nail cutting services. Keeping shorter nails is more comfortable for your dog. It can also prevent your pet from scratching themselves or from scratching your furniture or floors. In the same vein, always ask a dog groomer to clean fido’s ears. Ear cleaning helps to prevent the build up of bacteria which may lead to a very painful ear infection. If you’re going to visit the groomer anyway, you may just want to have the full range of services performed on your four legged friend!

Pet Groomers Love Your Animals!

As is the case with any profession where a person is working closely with the same individual day in and day out, groomers can get quite attached to their animal clients. Since pet groomers make a living caring for animals, receiving affection and gratitude from their four legged customers brings them true joy. While you search dog groomer near me, consider just how much your groome really cares about your four legged friend. Groomers tend to form strong bonds with their animal clients and can often feel the same pangs of affection for your pet as you do. They take great strides to ensure that every pet is cared for and happy, resulting in the type of joy that only a happy pet can truly bring to the world! Many groomers even mourn the passing of clients that cross over the rainbow bridge and truly feel as if something is missing during their weekly appointments. Be kind to your groomer and they’ll treat your animal much like their own.

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