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Dog parks can help to facilitate some much needed interaction between your pooch and other dogs, all while providing some beneficial off leash time. Not only are dog parks great for socialization, they can help your dog to expend energy in safe environment where you won’t have to worry about your dog running away or getting injured. Increasing in popularity throughout the US, especially in urban areas, it’s easier to find a dog park now more than ever.

Are you interested in finding dog parks in your area? Simply browse dog parks near me on the map below and find a list of dog parks near your current location! Need a bit more information on dog parks? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on these pet friendly parks!

Dog Parks Near Me – Find it on the Map

Dog Parks Near Me – Dog Parks Trivia

Why are dog parks good for dog and their owners?

Dog parks aren’t just good for our four legged friends, they’re also great for us humans too. How do dog owners benefit from taking their beloved pooch to the park? Friendly interactions! Think about this while searching dog parks near me. Dogs easily facilitate friendly interactions among people, they solicit play and allow us to offer greetings without the awkward small talk. Dog parks also establish a community center of activity where friends, neighbors and even strangers can gather to relax. Users of dog parks are self policing, so they maintain a safe and appealing environment. As for dogs, designating an area where animals can run off leash without worry remedies any issues amongst owners and park goers. Dog parks also allow dogs to get adequate physical and mental exercise, thereby lessening any destructive and annoying behaviors that they can potentially demonstrate at home or in a less secure environment. Dog parks also prove a great opportunity for owners to learn about dogs through observation and provide an opportunity for owners to learn from more experienced owners.

dog parks near me

The Tompkins Square Dog Run is famous in New York City.

Where did dog parks first begin?

If you’re searching dog parks near me, it may not surprise you, that dog parks actually began in Northern California near Berkeley. Warm weather areas are a natural fit and California has always been known for its dog friendly culture. The first park was just a bit of land thrown together haphazardly by two women looking for a place to take their dogs without the worry of leash laws or their pooches running away. Though small at first, the park became a hub of the town and by the mid 1980s found massive popularity amongst dog owning citizens who viewed the park as place to unwind, socialize, and give their dogs a bit of happened. Everything was on an upswing until word of mouth spread and pretty soon like minded individuals were calling and writing to find out how they could potentially create their own dog park. Their model was being copied in numerous city throughout the world, especially in urban areas such as New York City, where dogs weren’t treated to any off leash time without these dog parks.

Dog Parks Near Me – Dog Parks Facts

Dog park growth

Parks are always a popular choice in urban areas; however, dog parks are arguably the fastest growing segment of city parks. They are gaining unprecedented popularity amongst citizens all over the world, especially in the United States. As of 2011, there 569 registered off-leash dog parks in the 100 largest US cities. That’s a 34 percent jump over the past 5 years, whereas regular parks and even children’s playgrounds only increased by around 3 percent. The city in the US with the highest per capita rate of dog parks? Portland, Oregon! This urban oasis boasts around 5.7 dog parks for every 100,000 residents. Calgary, AB has the highest per capita rate of dog parks in North America with an astounding 15.9 dog parks for every 100,000 residents. According to some statistics, there are now more American households with dogs than with kids of 43 million and 38 million respectively. Some consider dog parks playgrounds for people without kids! What are your thoughts on dog parks while searching dog parks near me?

Getting the Most From Your Dog Park

While searching dog parks near me, consider how you can get the most from your dog park experience. Follow these guidelines to keep your pooch safe and socialized while making the most of your time outside. For starters, experts recommend visiting a potential dog park without your dog first. This will allow you to get a good idea of the environment and type of dogs that frequent the park without the potential for incident with your dog. Consider how well the other dogs are trained and if the park is strictly off leash or if it is an off leash/on leash park. Experts recommend sticking with one or the other rather than one that is mixed as often times on leash dogs are not as well trained or behaved as those present at an off leash park. If you know your own dog has aggressive tendencies, never bring them to an off leash park. When visiting a dog park, make sure to avoid packs with your pooch the first few times you visit. Often times packs are invitation for the harassment of one of the dogs in the pack. If you see pack behavior brewing, alert the owners of the gos involved so they can help to break up the situation. Nothing can ruin a trip to the dog park faster than the potential aggression pack mentality can bring.

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