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If you’re looking for products that are pretty cheap, Dollar General is a great start. The store carries both name brand and generic brands in a large price range, so you’re bound to find anything you need! Phone cards, clothes, cleaning products, and pet supplies are all available at excellent prices here.

It is also one of the leading stores in the dollar store category, so this place will not disappoint! Looking for a store that has everything at a steal? Check out Dollar General near me today!

Dollar General Near Me – Find it on the Map

Dollar General Near Me – Dollar General Trivia

True or False: Dollar General has an adult literacy program.

True. It’s called the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, and it’s main goals are to help adults and children who are illiterate not only learn to read, but improve their reading skills later on as well. The program operates in 43 states in thousands of stores and is dedicated to making a difference, they even try to help people get their high school diploma!


One of the Dollar General stores with yellow and black logo.

Did you know?

Unlike stores like Dollar tree and Aldi, Dollar General has a goo amount of name brand items. With products from Kraft Heinz, Hanes, Coca-Cola, Clorox, Charmin and more, there’s really not a lot that you can’t find here. They are always adding new brands, so look for “Dollar General near me” and find all of the best brands at a lower price!

Who is Matt Kenseth?

If you like NASCAR or racing in general, DG is a sponsor! Their race car driver is Matt Kenseth, who is only one of five drivers to win the Rookie of the Year Award, The Daytona 500, and the Cup championship. He is also as 36 cup series wins. Pretty impressive!

Did you know?

Some Dollar generals sell produce. These stores are similar to super Walmarts, but they sell a lot of grocery items under their brand labels like DG home and Clover valley, for example. They even have a pet brand and DG baby as well, for when you need diapers and wipes, but don’t want to pay high prices in pharmacy or grocery stores.

Did you know?

Dollar General got into a bidding war with Dollar Tree over the multi price store, Family Dollar. They lost to Dollar Tree, but still took ownership of a lot of Interco, Inc. stores over the years. Dollar General remains to be one of the highest earning multi price store in the market.

Did you know?

Dollar General had to fight for the rights to use the initials against top fashion designers, Dolce and Gabbana. Guess what? They won! They are now 107th out of several companies to use initials as their website domain name. Check out DG brands today! They sometimes have pretty good online deals as well!

Dollar General Near Me – Dollar General Facts

In 1939 in Scottsville Kentucky, J.L. Turner and his son Cal started the store J.L and Son, Inc. The legacy of the Turners was carried on by J.L’s grandson, Cal Jr. for almost 3 decades. The company didn’t become Dollar General until 1968, but it became pretty widespread when Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought the company in 2009.

before they made millions, J.L. Turner didn’t always have a happy and successful life. After losing his father at the tender age of 11, J.L. had to quit school to take care of his family by getting a job. After working the family farm for a while, he become a traveling salesman and had his first taste of what retail was really like and years later, bought a few failing general stores to turn over. He managed to take investments of 5,000 in each store and turn it into millions by the 50s. The death of J.L. didn’t slow the company’s earnings down one bit, as Cal Jr. took over and made around 6 billion in sales.

Expansion is a big part of the process for this company’s success. In January of 2011, DG added 625 stores to their roster of locations in over 35 states. They also hope to open more in September of 2016 as well as 1,000 in 2017. By the end of this summer, DG had 13,000 stores going strong.

Some states aren’t lucky enough to have Dollar General. Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana do not have this store brand. Yet.

Even though DG is not technically a dollar store because it sells items from a few cents to 60 dollars. The items range anywhere from cheap pay as you go phones to gift cards and there’s always a variety of different products from home wares to seasonal products like holiday décor and party supplies. In need of some health and beauty products? Why not look up “Dollar General near me” and find a large variety of brand name items!

Dollar General is pretty big in locations that don’t have department stores like the Oklahoma panhandle region and some parts of the Midwest. Dollar general has a lot of stores, but it’s headquarters are in Tennessee.

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