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For any individual shopping on a budget or trying to keep the house frugally, the dollar store can be the best option for getting quality products for a rock bottom price. Whether you’re looking for seasonal items, cleaning products, personal care products, or even food; your local dollar store will likely have everything you need and more.

Are you interested in finding a dollar store in your area? Simply browse dollar store near me and find a comprehensive list of dollar store locations in your area. Need more information on dollar stores? Read on for trivia and facts on the storied rise of the dollar store.

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Dollar Store Near Me – Dollar Store Trivia

Who is considered the father of the dime/dollar store?

While searching dollar store near me, it’s only natural to consider just where the roots of this popular kind of store first took hold. Who is considered the father of the dime store? Frank Winfield Woolworth, the founder of F.W. Woolworth Co. Not only is he considered the father of the dime store, the precursor to today’s dollar stores, but he paved the way for future budget friendly stores to take hold in the market. Despite this, Woolworth freely admitted that he didn’t invent the concept of the five and dime. He proclaimed that around 1870 in Boston he ran into someone who conceived the idea of opening a store containing exclusively goods to sell at 99 cents or below. Who the actually pioneer of this idea is, no one knows for sure.

dollar store near me

Family Dollar is one of the most popular dollar store chains in the United States.

When did the five and dime store gain true popularity?

Since their inception, five and dime stores had been a hit amongst consumers who wanted great products on a budget. Despite soaring success, the concept didn’t reach fever pitch popularity until the Civil War had come and gone. Due to rising prices after the Civil War, these stores became so popular that they were found in most corners of the country. In less than a decade one price stores soon appeared in cities in everywhere. From T.L. Chiek’s Great 49 Cent Store in Peoria, Illinois to Theo S. Renard’s 95 Cent Store in Cincinnati, to Valentine’s 99 Cent Store in Omaha Nebraska, the concept went chronic. Dollar stores became s numerous in Boston, that there was once a write up as to their becoming a nuisance.

True or false: You can’t get brand names at the dollar store.

False! Despite what many have been lead to believe, you can in fact get many name brands at the dollar store. The shelves are no longer just stocked with off brand Irish Summer Soap and Pop Cola. Rather, many dollar stores have begun to carry name brand items such as Dawn, Kleenex, Puffs, and many food products. Be wary though, some name brand products will always remain cheaper at the grocery store than the dollar store itself.

Dollar Store Near Me – Dollar Store Facts

Satisfy Your Shopping Craving Without Spending

If you’re searching dollar store near me, then you likely have a few items in mind that you’d like to pick up. Or maybe, you’re just craving a shopping trip and need the dollar store to gain that fix. Thanks to the way our brains are wired, a dollar store shopping spree can indeed satisfy a person’s shopping craving even better than shopping at a more expensive store. According to researchers, dollar stores are a great option for shopping sprees because of the that the mind translates purchase into pleasure. The human brain gets a little kick from each purchase we make, therefore making the size of the purchase less important than the number of buys. This means that people gain more enjoyment from a bunch of small purchases than from one big buy. The next time you have the urge to splurge, hit the dollar store first and see if you can curb your cravings.

Off Brand Products Are Just As Good

Sure, an off brand product may not have million dollar advertising campaigns or beautiful packaging, but in the long run, does it really matter? What matters is the usefulness of the product. We’re all influenced by how products are presented, but when shopping at a dollar store, remember that’s quality that you’re looking for not appearance. If you’re shopping for food, cleaning supplies, health and beauty items, or medicine, compare the ingredients between a name brand product and generic product . If the name brand and generic products have the same ingredients, you’re better suited buying the generic products. This is a great way to save money while still getting a quality product that works.

A New Dollar Store Opens Every 6 Hours

That’s right, if you’re searching dollar store near me, then you can be that you’ll find a bevy of dollar stores in your area. According to recent statistics a new dollar store opens in the US every 6 hours Many people thought that after the great recession tapered off that the popularity of dollar stores would taper as well, but they’re still going strong. So many dollar stores have opened since July 2013 that a new store technically opens once every 6 hours.

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