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In recent years, dollar stores have absolutely surged in popularity. The reason? With more and more people becoming conscious of how they’re spending their money and sticking to tight budgets, dollar stores can help create some much needed wiggle room in terms of finances. Modern dollar stores are no longer the dingy and chaotic environments that they were in the past. Present stores are clean, organized, and ultimately no different than shopping in a regular market.

Are you interested in finding dollar stores near you? Simply browse dollar stores near me on the map below and find a list of dollar stores located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on dollar stores? You’ve come to the right place! REad on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Dollar Stores Near Me – Dollar Stores Trivia

True or false: Dollar stores can satisfy a psychological need to spend money.

In a consumer driven society, now more than ever people have the urge to spend. So much so, that we often get urges to buy, even if we can’t technically afford to part with the cash. Luckily, dollar stores can help to satisfy the need to spend without breaking the bank. Consider this as you search dollar stores near me. Thanks to the way the human brain works, a dollar store shopping spree can actually satisfy your shopping craving even more so than shopping at an expensive store. Why does this occur? Our brains translate purchases into pleasures in a very strange way. Each little purchase we make is gives us a kick, which means the size of the purchase makes less difference than the number of buys. This means that spending money on some small purchases at a dollar store can be more beneficial and enjoyable than buying one big ticket item from a more expensive store. The next time you feel the need to spend or splurge, try hitting up the local dollar store first. You might find your cravings are satisfied without breaking the bank.

dollar stores near me

Shopping at a dollar store can help you save money without sacrificing quality.

True or false: Not everything at the dollar store is cheaper.

Though the name might say “dollar store” not every dollar store is created equal. In fact, as you search dollar stores near me, you’ll quickly find that not everything at the dollar store is actually cheaper. Some studies have found that certain items available at the dollar store are actually no cheaper (and sometimes more expensive) than at the local grocery store. Want to avoid spending more even when shopping at a dollar store? Keep a running list of all of the stores in your area that tend to have the best prices for products you buy on a weekly basis. This way, if you see a product you use on sale, you can quickly assess whether the item is a good deal or if it’s cheaper elsewhere. Another key trick is to pay attention to the sizes and the price you’re paying per ounce, not just the price you’re paying overall. More often than not, dollar stores will sell you smaller sizes of the same product so that the cost appears to be lower. If you look at the price per ounce, you’ll often discover that’s actually a little less expensive to buy the bigger item at the grocery store.

Dollar Stores Near Me – Dollar Stores Facts

Don’t Fear Off Brands

Somewhere along the line, off brands at dollar stores garnered a less than stellar reputation. The reason? The cheaper prices and the dollar store name can often psychologically read as tasting worse than name brands. A lot of times, it all comes down to product packaging and not the item itself. Researchers have found that people are most often influenced by how products are presented and the overall look of the packaging. If you find a certain package to be less desirable, you’ll often find yourself believing that it tastes less desirable also. If you want to save money, check your perceptions at the door and find out if you’re influenced by brand packaging. Whether you’re shopping for food or cleaning supplies, a quick way to see if you’re being influenced by a product’s packaging is to compare the ingredients between name brands and generic products. If a name brand and a generic clear have exactly the same ingredients, you should always buy the cheaper generic product rather than paying more. When it comes to food, go with your gut. Don’t pay more for a pretty package if you can get the same taste and ingredients in a different form. As you search dollar stores near me, don’t fear off brands, they might just save you some hard earned dough.

You’ll Never Have a Shortage of Dollar Stores

After the recession ended in 2014, many people thought that the popularity of dollar stores would come to an end as well. After all, wouldn’t people just return right back to their regular shopping habits? According to researchers, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dollar stores are still going strong, in fact, some statistics show that a new dollar store opens every six hours in the United States. From popular chains such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General to mom and pop franchises the dollar store isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Odds are if you’re searching dollar stores near me, you’ll find a handful within 20 miles of your home. Not only do dollar stores offer individuals the opportunity to by household and food products on a budget, but many offer budget savvy families a way to do crafts, buy new school supplies, and keep the flow of the household running smoothly. While grocery stores may be cheaper for some items, you’ll ultimately find that there’s no shortage of deals to be had at the local dollar store.

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