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Want to find items at a really low price? The Dollar Tree is an excellent place to find almost anything you may need from cleaning products, food, baby items, and even party supplies!

The Dollar tree is a fortune 500 company, so they are no strangers to turning a profit, but you can tell that a great deal of people love the convenience and awesome deals a Dollar Tree store provides. Dollar stores are a successful trend in the US, so finding one near you should be super simple. Search for “Dollar Tree near me” today!

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Dollar Tree Near Me – Dollar Tree Trivia

Did you know?

The Dollar Tree is half a century old? 60 years ago, K.R. Perry opened a 5&10 store in 1953, and he probably had no idea how much this kind of store would take off!

dollar tree near me

One of the bigger Dollar Tree stores.

Did The owners of Dollar Tree once own a toy store brand?

One successful business in East coast shopping malls was KB toys, a store owned and operated by K.R Perry and Macon Brock. Though it was a hit, the men decided that they wanted to expand on their 5&10 stores, so the closed KB toys in the 90s.

What was the name of the original Dollar Tree prototype?

When a man named Ray Crompton came on board to the project, the first dollar store in the US became Only “$1.00”. These stores were of course mall based for a while until they became Dollar Tree stores.

Who is Dollar Tree’s biggest business rival?

There was a serious bidding war over the Family Dollar stores between Dollar Tree and Dollar General. When Dollar General offered a way bigger bid on the company, Family Dollar was concerned about the trustworthiness of Dollar General, so they decided to give it to Dollar Tree instead. Dollar General and Dollar Tree are the top two Dollar store companies in the US, so they are regularly in competition with each other.

What are some corporate values that Dollar Tree hopes Their employees will follow?

The store puts an emphasis on respect, integrity, commitment, and attitude. Hoping to find a Dollar Tree? Check out “Dollar Tree near me” and shop a variety of products for just one dollar!

How many stores does Dollar Tree own?

There are thousands of stores in 48 states labeled Dollar Tree, while there are almost 8,000 Family Dollar stores in the US. The Dollar store industry makes over 20 Billion dollars in the US! That’s incredible!

Family Dollar has only been owned by Dollar Tree for 2 years now. It is expected to keep the multi price point format that it had with the original company owners.

A Dollar Tree stock is worth 77 dollars n the stock exchange. Investing in this company would be smart, as they are only expecting to expand in the coming year.

Dollar Tree Near Me – Dollar Tree Facts

In 1993, The only $1.00 stores got a facelift, and they eventually became Dollar Tree so they could possibly sell different priced items. They became a part of the NASDAQ exchange at $15 a share.

Dollar Tree has purchased a lot of other small Dollar store businesses over the years. The Chicago based Dollar Bill$ Inc. in 96′, the Philly Stores Dollar Express in 2000, Greenbacks Inc. in Salt Lake city in 2004, The Deal$ stores in 2006 from the company Supervalu Inc.,and the 98 cent stores located in California in 1998. They also acquired Canada’s top name Dollar store, Dollar Giant about six years ago.

The Dollar Tree website has a pretty cool blog with helpful tips on how to use their products. You can find tips on anything from DIY craft projects to hosting holiday dinners. The tips come out everyday, and you can be sure to find some pretty good recommendations on decorating as well. Need to find some crafting products for your school or home? Look at “Dollar trees near me” and find exactly what you’re looking for.

The Dollar Tree is also putting out a holiday catalog for the coming 2016 holiday season. You can find all of their holiday themed products like Christmas themed paper plates, decorative items like wreaths and string lights, and also stocking stuffers and small toys. Go to to find the catalog today!

The Dollar Tree is working very hard to maintain safe products in their stores. One of the ways they are doing this, is by making sure the chemical components in plastics like the Phthalates and BPAs are not in any of their plastic products. They also warn vendors not to use anything lead based in their products and they have reduced the amount of plastic bags and paper receipts used. The Dollar Tree is very environmentally conscious as well as conscious on the safety of their products, which is what makes it such a great business!

Family Dollar has an excellent program for their retired customers. Anyone with an AARP membership can get some pretty sweet discounts!

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