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Like most amazing success stories, Domino’s started out small with just one tiny store in 1960. By 1978, 200 Domino’s stores dotted the American landscape. Nowadays, Domino’s pizza is an important part of American culture. With affordable prices, the option for delivery and online innovations unmatched by other pizza chains, Domino’s has truly earned its place in American pizza history.

Are you interested in finding a Domino’s pizza in your area? Simply browse Domino’s pizza near me and find a list of Domino’s locations in your area. Need a bit more information on this pizza chain? Read on for interesting facts and trivia on America’s favorite pizza delivery joint!

Domino’s Pizza Near Me – Find it on the Map

Domino’s Pizza Near Me – Domino’s Pizza Trivia

Who founded Domino’s Pizza?

Domino’s pizza was initially founded by brothers Tom and Jim Monaghan in 1960. The brand started with one small store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, near the Eastern Michigan University campus. Originally named, DomiNIck’s, the pizza joint was secured for a measly $500 down payment. The brothers borrowed around $900 total in order to pay for the store. The brothers had planned to split the work hours evenly and share the brunt of the duties, but James didn’t want to quit his job as a full time postman to attempt to keep up with the demands of a new business. Within eight months, James traded Tom his half of the business for the Volkswagen beetle the duo had been using to deliver pizzas.

domino's pizza near me

With continuous growth and technological innovation, Domino’s will only continue to grow.

True or false: Tom Monaghan met his wife while delivering pizzas.

It may seem like the plot straight out of a romantic comedy, but this love story is all too real. Just fourteen months after launching the pizza business, Monaghan went out on his first delivery form a new store he had just set up in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The order was to be delivered to a dormitory located on the campus of Central Michigan University. When Monaghan first arrived, the woman who worked at the reception desk, Margie, caught his eye. He later wrote that he gave Margie a heart shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day. The pizza was a big hit with her friends and family members. On the third date, Monaghan realized he was in love with Margie and the rest is history. The pair were married the following year. Margie Monaghan worked with Dominos for several decades. Proof that pizza really can lead to true love! Consider this while searching Domino’s near me, maybe you’ll meet your future soulmate over pizza!

How many ways to create a Domino’s Pizza?

While you’re searching Domino’s pizza near me, consider just how many ways there are to construct a Domino’s pizza. According to the brand itself and many pizza experts there is are a baffling 34 million ways to put together a Domino’s pizza .With that amount of option, it’s hard to know when you’ll hit your limit with pizza topping combinations!

Domino’s Pizza Near Me – Domino’s Pizza Facts

Technological Innovation

In a digital age, it’s more important than ever for brands such as Domino’s pizza to keep up with technological innovation and change along with an advancing world. Domino’s is consistently one of the top five companies in the world in terms of online transactions, amongst big brands such as Amazon and Apple. According to some statistics, 95% of smartphones are covered when ordering with the Domino’s online app. They currently have app availability on iPhone, Android, and the Windows Phone). About half of all Domino’s pizza sales are made through an online or digital ordering platform, with 39 international markets featuring online ordering.

International Appeal

If you’re searching Domino’s in the US or abroad, you’re in luck, there are more than 12,900 Domino’s stores in over 80 countries throughout the world. With that amount of locations, there are more than 1 million pizzas delivered worldwide everyday. Delivering those pizzas are the more than 260,000 Domino’s employees scattered throughout the globe. In fact, more than half of all Domino’s sales now come from sources outside of the Us. Global retail sales typically reach around $8.9 billion annually, that’s $41. Billion domestic and $4.8 billion international.

The Busiest Days of the Year

If you’re searching Domino’s pizza near me on one of the following days, you’re not alone. According to the brand the busiest delivery day of the year for Domino’s is Halloween. This is likely due to the amount of parties, families preparing to take the kids out for trick or treat, and general business of the season. Halloween is closely followed by New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving Eve. Holidays are traditionally a busy time for Domino’s when individuals don’t want to take the time to cook or are simply too wiped from the day’s activities. As for Super Bowl Sunday, Domino’s reportedly sells more than 11 million pizza slices on Super Bowl Sunday alone. That’s 350% more than they sell on a typical Sunday. In short, holidays and football are always good for business!

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