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They’re soft, they’re sweet, and they are the perfect breakfast treat on the go. The origin of the donut has been argued for some time now, but there is no denying it’s tasty fried goodness. With donuts being such a mainstream treat, you should easily be able to search “Donuts near me” on the map and find a donut shop near you!

The best part about donuts, is the variety. Donuts can be filled, covered in sprinkles, glazed, powdered and even twisted. Donut holes have also become a staple in donut shops, so pick some up today!

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Is it spelled Donut or Doughnut?

Well it’s actually kind of both! The original word was Doughnut, but like the dessert, the origin of its name is also uncertain. Washington Irving wrote about Doughnuts in his History of New York book around the early 1800s, so this could have been the first written account of the word Doughnut. The word “Donut” came into origin almost around the same time, but the shortened form was not very popular until the 1950s, when the chain restaurant Dunkin’ Donuts amped up the usage of this spelling. It is mostly American used.

donuts near me

Tasty Doughnuts!

Who brought donuts to the U.S.?

They originally came from the Dutch and were named olykoeks and is considered sweet dough fried in fat. Donuts are also part of other cultures as well. Some parts of China have a doughnut hole with red bean paste inside!

How many Dunkin’ Donuts exist today?

All together, there are a little over 11,000. They are distributed worldwide, but the bulk of the stores are in the U.S..

Are donuts made with yeast base or cake base?

You can actually make and buy both. The differences are not very subtle between these two types because the cake donut has a fluffier and drier crumbly texture. A yeast donut is denser since the yeast aerates and makes the dough rise. The yeast donut came first before the cake ones followed suit.

What was the name of the leavening agent used to make donuts before baking soda became available commercially?

Baking soda was not commonly sold for personal use, so many households used something called pearlash. This substance is essentially lye, the same chemical that is used to create that lovely brown color in pretzels. Considering that baking soda is a safer option( Lye is caustic and burns) people began to safely use this leavening agent instead.

Did you know?

The jelly doughnut has several different names from several different countries. In Germany they have many names, one being BerlinerKrapfen, Poland calls their tasty jellies pączki, and in Israel the sufganiyah was a staple of the Hanukkah table. Want to try a jelly donut? Simply search “Donuts near me” and you will be on your way to a quick and tasty treat!

Donuts Near Me – Donuts Facts

The Cruller was originally a Dutch made twisty treat, but in the U.S. it’s called a French Cruller. Pretty odd huh? The churro is also made with a batter similar to the cruller.

In Scandinavia, donuts are called monks because they are round with a hole in the middle, while the monk haircut is hair all around the head with a bald spot in the middle. Hence the name monks!

Donuts are referenced in many different television shows. No one loves donuts more than Homer Simpson from The Simpsons and Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. Be careful when you take the last glazed from Dexter Morgan of Dexter though.

Krispy Kreme, a donut making novice, opened their first retail store in the late 80s and has become a much beloved brand since they started back in 1937.

A very odd donut shop felt it was a good idea to create medicine coated donuts. They had a Pepto Bismol flavor and Nyquil kind as well. Let’s just say the safety of the donuts was called into question and they were taken out of the shop’s lineup of choices.

It may be silly to hear that joke about cops living in donut shops, but this originated from cops working late shifts and needing pick me ups. Most likely a cup of coffee and a donut was just what they needed to stay energized all night.

Donuts were considered a comfort food to a lot of soldiers during WWI. Volunteers would often go to soldiers in between battles and offer the fried goodies to them to make them feel appreciated for their service.

Renee Zellweger’s diet for Bridget Jones, both the first and second movies, was pretty intense and unhealthy. She supposedly ate 20 donuts on top of milkshakes, buttery potatoes, and Big Macs with chips. Hopefully that hasn’t ruined her love of donuts!

There’s a donut shop in Los Angeles called Spinouts. Any idea what they use for their batter? Potatoes! If your looking for a donut shop, all you have to do is type “Donuts near me” and you will see red balloons, or map points that will lead you to fresh and hot fried yummies!

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