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In the United States, the Department of Public Safety has a wide range of responsibilities that aim to help keep communities safe and engage the public on issues such as fire prevention, when to call animal control, and generally making good choices. Often times, police, EMS, and fire departments also fall under the umbrella of DPS.

Ready to find a department of public service office near you? Simply browse DPS near me on the map below and find a list of public offices in your area. Need more information on public safety? Read on and get the facts right the first time!

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What is the department of public safety?

The department of public safety can be many things depending on the state and community you call home. In general, it is a state or local government run agency which often boasts a very broad portfolio of responsibilities. Fire services, suppression, prevention, rescue services, and even animal control all fall under the department of public safety. Even the DMV can be considered to be a part of this department, largely due to the fact that vehicle safety and road safety are all touched upon by the DMV. As you search DPS near me, consider how many services or departments in your region may fall under the banner of public safety.

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Cops fall under the umbrella of the department of public safety.

Is a public safety officer a cop?

Every now and then, you’ll run into someone with the title of “public safety officer.” This can be a bit confusing, as they don’t operate under the tile of “cop,” yet many boast similar duties. So are public safety officers the same thing as police officers? Consider this as you search DPS near me. For the most part, you’ll only see public safety officers in small towns or on college campuses. Some may even be employed by local school districts to help keep campuses safe. While some of these men and women are certified and armed police officers, a majority are not. A police officer has undergone the training and intense schooling necessary to be sworn, armed, and empowered to make arrests. Public safety officers have some of these abilities, but they cannot make arrests and typically do not carry a gun. Still, if you are in trouble and notice only a public safety officer nearby, feel free to seek their help.

What is public safety administration?

While searching DPS near me, you may also run into public safety administration. What is this and how does it relate to the department of public safety? Public safety administration programs are designed to help students to prepare for careers or roles in emergency management, law enforcement, and even in health services. Public safety typically involves the prevention and reaction to any emergency that may threaten an individual or the community on a whole.

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Staying Safe At Night

Did you know that according to the department of public safety, a majority of crimes occur at night? If not, it’s time to be a bit more aware of what goes on after dark and how to prevent a crime from occurring in the first place. If you’re searching DPS near me, consider a few ways to stay safe while out at night. First things first, never act like a victim when walking alone at night. The perfect victim for someone with predatory inventions is a person who seems weak, timid, and unobservant. Criminals feel as if they can take advantage of people of this nature. Always act confident, and make appropriate eye contact with anyone in your surroundings. Always walk with purpose and a sense of direction. Even if you’re feeling a bit lost, feign a sense of knowing.If you’re walking home at night and someone asks you for help, be polite but do not compromise your own safety. Predators often try to lure victims by asking them for help. For example, if someone in a car asks for directions, keep a safe distance and tell them what you know. Make the encounter brief and have your phone in hand ready to dial for help. Do not ever approach the car window! This is a great opportunity for them to grab you and take you. If possible, always aim to be with friends or a crowd. It’s far more difficult for a predator to commit a crime if there are many people around and witnesses are everywhere. Victims are always easier to victimize when alone. As you search DPS near me, always consider rolling in a crowd or keeping to public spaces when out alone. Do not make yourself a victim by looking vulnerable, weak, or overly eager to help in a bind.

Keep Your Safety In Mind

While searching DPS near me, always keep your personal safety in mind. Even if you think you’re doing everything right, you might not be taking the necessary steps to keep yourself out of harm’s way. One thing the department of public safety always recommends is telling someone where you are and what you’re doing at all times. It might seem overkill, but if something happens to you, you definitely want to have someone who knows what you were doing and where you were going. Otherwise, it can take public safety officials even longer to track you down and get you to safety.

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