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Want to take a trip back in time without the use of Doc Brown and a time machine? A drive in movie is just the ticket! A trip to the drive in not only offers a great dose of nostalgia, but it’s a convenient and cost effective way to entertain the whole family. There’s a reason drive in movies have somehow stood the test of time in an era where so many things can fall by the wayside.

Are you interested in finding a drive in movie near you? Simply browse drive in movie near me on the map below and find a list of drive in movies located in close proximity to your current location! Need a bit more information on drive in movies? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Drive In Movie Near Me – Drive In Movie Trivia

What kind of films did early drive in theaters show?

Though modern drive in theaters typically show big budget blockbusters or animated family friendly flicks, early drive in theaters didn’t quite enjoy the same access to high rated films. Consider these facts as you serach drive in movie near me. According to some drive in movie historians, early drive in theaters were relegated to showing mostly B-movies. B-movies weren’t exactly Hollywood’s best fare, but they could be procured at a far cheaper price than the movies being shown in regular theaters. Of course, a few early drive ins had access to the same movies being played at the local cinema, but these were far and few between. Initially, early drive in theaters were known for their poor sound quality, since early drive ins featured only speakers mounted near the screen. When technology made it possible to play a movie’s soundtrack through FM radio, sound quality improved and ticket sales soared. The popularity of the drive in theater reached its heyday after World War II in the late 1950s and mid 1960s. This is when some 5,000 drive in theaters peppered the American landscape. Drive ins quickly became a point of American culture an icon of typical suburban living and wholesome American entertainment. They became a weekend destination not only for parents with children, but for teenage couples who wanted a little privacy from other movie patrons.

drive in movie near me

Drive in movies are making a huge comeback in the modern day!

How much did the first drive in theater cost?

Today, if you’re searching drive in movie near me, you can typically purchase a ticket for around $6-$9 depending on where you live. Our early drive in loving predecessors got a much better deal financially. Advertised as entertainment for the whole brood, the original drive in theater in Camden, NJ charged just 35 cents per car and 25 cents per person. No one group ever had to pay more than $1.00 to see a flick. Sure, that movie might have been b-rated at best, but it was good fun and cheap entertainment that could be enjoyed by the people from all walks of life and from every age group. After the patent for that original drive in theater was overturned in 1949, drive ins began popping up all over the country, most of them charging around the same fare for entrance to the movie. One of the largest drive ins was the All-Weather Drive-In of Copiague, new York which featured spaces for a whopping 2,500 cars. This large full service drive in theater also featured a children’s play area and a large sit down restaurant.

Drive In Movie Near Me – Drive In Movie Facts

The Rebirth of Drive Ins

Drive ins reached peak popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, with thousands of drive ins populating every city, town, and suburb in the United States. They were popular with individuals of every age group and walk of life, proving an affordable and fun way to entertain the whole family. Sadly, the popularity of drive ins began to decline in the 1980s and 1990s, as many became fascinated with the new technological advancements being offered by big cinemas. From IMAX screens to surround sounds, our entertainment obsessed culture wanted a more immersive movie experience than the drive in could offer. Because of this, many drive in theaters were suddenly closed, with the lots being turned into flea markets and festival grounds. Surprisingly enough, one generation is attempting to make drive in movies popular again. Despite being born in an age of technological advancement, many millennials have taken to creating their own guerrilla style drive ins. With the advent of high quality and affordable digital projection systems, many young people have decided to take matters into their own hands by turning old lots, open fields, and the sides of houses into makeshift drive in theaters. Many of them put the word out about the theaters on social media, allowing anyone access to their nifty little homemade drive in. Better yet, many of these guerrilla drive ins are free or charge only a small donation fee to help keep the project going on future dates. Traditional drive ins are also on the rise again, as many have realized their potential. In 2014, the 1950s style hamburger chain Johnny Rockets vowed to build more than 200 drives in the United States by 2018. The brand said they will also deliver food to movie goers in their cars or in a walk up fashion. If you’re searching drive in movie near me, you might just be in for a whole new slew of options in the coming months and years. This form of entertainment is once again on the rise and hotter than ever! You probably won’t even have to watch a B-movie!

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