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When you need to work on perfecting that all important golf swing, the driving range is where you want to be. A driving range is an area where golfers are given the space to practice their golf swing. While many golfers treat the range as a recreational activity in and of itself, the range is typically used as a place to work out the kinks. Many major golf courses (and even smaller golf courses) have some kind of driving range attached to them, though there are many stand alone driving ranges. This is especially prominent in urban areas.

Are you interested in finding a driving range near you? Simply browse driving range near me on the map below and find a list of driving ranges in your area. Need a bit more information on driving ranges, read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the best driving ranges in the US.

Driving Range Near Me – Find it on the Map

Driving Range Near Me – Driving Range Trivia

True or false: There is driving range etiquette.

True! While you’re searching driving range near me, keep in mind that once you actually hit the driving range, you’ll need to practice proper driving range etiquette. Even though all driving range are unique, there are still some tips that apply to all. For example, some driving ranges require that you only hit the ball from a mat. Others ask you to only hit the ball off of the grass. It is important to follow the rules set forth by the course and know your boundaries. At a range that asks you to hit from the grass, always replace divots as often as possible. Also, aim to hit each ball close to where you hit the one before. Not only does this decrease the area torn up from hitting the balls, but it makes them easier to repair.

driving range near me

A typical driving range offers several practice stations with either rubber or natural grass hitting pads.

What is the world’s longest recorded drive?

Throughout the history of golf, there have been many epic drives. The longest recorded drive on an ordinary open style course was 515 yards. Michael Hoke Austin of Los Angeles, CA was credited with the golf feat, which took place at the US National Seniors Open Championship in Las Vegas in 1974. While no one has yet broken Austin’s records, we know of a few golfers who have come quite close. Perhaps when you’re practicing your swing after searching driving range near me, you can visualize yourself as Michael Hoke Austin taking that iconic 515 yard drive!

What is the average driver swing speed of a male golfer?

Get ready to have your mind blown. You were probably already aware that golfers have insanely fast swings, but did you know that the average driver swing speed for a male golfer is 84 mph. That’s faster than most cars travel on the highway in the US. The average speed for an LPGA professional is 96 mph. For a PGA tour player, that average jumps to 108 mph. Golf legend Tiger Woods currently boasts a swing speed of 130 mph. A national long drive champion can boast speeds of up to 152 mph. Who knew those golf swings were that fast! While searching driving ranges near me, try to see if you can calculate your approximate swing speed while on the course. The answer might very well surprise you!

Driving Range Near Me – Driving Range Facts

Being Courteous At The Driving Range

If you’re searching driving range near me, then it’s important to you to remember that most golfers mark courtesy as one of the hallmarks of the sport. While at the range, remember that you are sharing the space with others. Try not to disrupt them with noise or your cell phone. Always keep your cell phone turned off or set to vibrate (that is if your particular driving range allows phones). Make sure to avoid any sudden movements around a player that is about to swing and always do your best to not distract others. In other words, give others the same kind of quiet and stillness that you would crave while attempting to make that big swing.

Golf Balls Were Originally Made of Wood

While the balls you hit at the driving range are made of many materials, the first golf balls were made entirely of hardwoods such as beech and box trees. Golf balls of this variety first appeared during the 14th century. They remained in heavy rotation until the 17th century. Given the softness of most woods, a typical wooden golf ball would only last a few games before it would need to be replaced entirely. That’s probably why they didn’t last much longer after the 17th century.

Top Three Driving Ranges In the US

While searching driving ranges near me in the US, see if you come across one of these famous driving ranges. With epic sweeping landscapes and helpful professionals, these ranges are the best of the best for a reason. Read on for the top three driving ranges in the US!

1. Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility Monterey, CA

The Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility offers a double ended range that has natural grass hitting areas instead of mats. The range also boasts sculpted target greens that are designed to mimic course challenges.

2. The PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance Port St. Lucie, FL

For a small fee golfers at this course are granted access to more than 100 full swing practice stations; five acres of private instruction, and a three hole teaching course.

3.The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers New York, NY

Despite the urban environment the Golf Club at Chelsea piers is a four-tiered driving range facing the water .With a 200 yard hitting area ringed by nets, your practice drive will never see a grander view.

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