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Around the corner from nearly every home in America is a store that can meet almost everyday need. That store is known as a drugstore and the vital role it is playing in American lives grows every year. While a drugstore is known largely as a place to have prescriptions refilled, pick up flu/cold remedies, and largely take care of your health, they are also growing into shops where one can easily pick up household essentials such as snacks, pet food, and paper towels.

Are you interested in finding a drugstore near you? Simply browse drugstore near me on the map below and find a list of drugstores in your area. Need a bit more information on drugstores. Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Drugstore Near Me Now – Drugstore Trivia

What do pharmacists do everyday?

A pharmacist is well known for playing a major role in every drugstore in America, but what exactly does that role entail. Have you ever wondered what a pharmacist actually does all day? Consider these facts as you search drugstore near me. On any given day, a pharmacist spends a majority of their time dispensing medications to patients in accordance with a doctor’s strict orders. They also consult with patients on medication usage and possible contradictions that may exist between two or more medications that a patient is being prescribed. Pharmacists are also responsible for communicating directly with physicians in order to have medications correctly delivered to each patient. In other words, pharmacists are responsible for keeping patients safe and sound when it comes to medicine and their overall health.

drugstore near me now

Drug stores have more than just prescriptions, they have household items to keep your day running smooth!

What does a pharmacist make per year?

Given the role that a pharmacist plays in ensuring the overall safety and security of a patient’s medications, it might make sense that a pharmacist makes well above the average pay grade in the United States. Just how much does the average pharmacist make per year? As you search drugstore near me, consider these facts. According to statistics, pharmacist average an annual salary of $114,000 a year. Another 22% who worked in hospitals rather than drugstores, earned around $110,000 per year. The 8% of pharmacists that worked in grocery stores earned around $108,000 per year. The six percent that worked in department or box stores such as Target make around $109,000 annually.

True or false: Coca Cola was invented by a Pharmacist.

Coca Cola might be one of America’s favorite and most revered beverages, but did you know that this delicious concoction was also the result of a pharmacist. That’s right, as you continue your quest to find a drugstore near me, think about how Coca Cola wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the drugstore. Coca Cola was first invented by pharmacist John Pemberton. He brewed up the product as a sort of project and then quickly carried the jug down the street to Jacob’s Pharmacy where the drink was promptly sampled and pronounced. People immediately fell in love with the concoction. Jacob’s Pharmacy believed in the product so much that it was placed on sale for 5 cents a glass as a featured soda fountain drink.

Drugstore Near Me Now – Drugstore Facts

The Title of Pharmacist

Drug stores are nothing without the pharmacists who help them to run smoothly, but when exactly did the title of pharmacist first come about. Consider these facts as you search drugstore near me. According to historians, apothecaries became widely known in the United States as pharmacists some 150 years ago. This was largely thanks to Edward Parrish of the American Pharmaceutical Association. In effort to help create wide standards for the entire field, Parrish proposed to members of the national organization to consider all of the varied individuals who fell under the umbrella of pharmaceutical practitioners as “pharmacists.” Their field formally identified these practitioners as pharmacists, which created a steadfast guide for who could prescribe medicines and work within the community as medical counselors. This made things a bit more clear cut for people working in the industry and outside of it.

The Focus of Pharmacy

Pharmacy has always had a focus on the health and well being of the customers it served. Whether prescribing medicines or guiding a patient through the often confusing world of drug contradictions, the focus of pharmacy has always been “patient first.” The focus of pharmacy began to expand even further during the 1980s. This is when a professional movement began that urged pharmacist to take on an even more expanded role. Proponents for the movement wanted individuals who were certified pharmacist to not just dispense medications, but to take on a vital role in the American healthcare system by providing medication expertise. Thus ensuring that patients were properly and safely using their medications. Up until this point, patients often had to rely on their physicians for information on drug interactions, something that busy MDs didn’t always have time for. The movement gathered steam and federal legislation was introduced several decades later in 2003. This is when the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization act was introduced to help individuals better understand their prescriptions, interactions, and dosage recommendations. Nowadays, pharmacists are more hands on and involved with patients than ever before. As you search drugstore near me, consider just how the role of pharmacist has changed since the profession emerged hundreds of years ago.

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