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Since King James I first established the independent pharmacist guild in England during the early 17th century, the pharmacy or drug store has held a pivotal role in health care throughout the world. Nowadays, a drug store offers way more than just prescriptions and over the counter medicines; they are one stop shops for the busy American in need of a few items. From paper towels to makeup, drug stores cover the gamut in terms of household needs.

Are you interested in finding a drug store near you? Simply browse drug store near me on the map below and find a list of drug stores in your area. Need more information on drug stores? Read on for facts and trivia on this historic institution!

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Drug Store Near Me – Drug Store Trivia

What were drug stores originally called?

Prior to being known as drug stores or pharmacies, stores of this variety were known as apothecaries. At the apothecaries early pharmacists prepared and dispensed remedies to customers while offering front line medical advice to those in dire need of information or healing. Apothecary traditions traveled from England to the New World with the colonists, where apothecaries flourished for centuries. Apothecaries reached widespread notoriety nearly 150 years ago thanks to Edward Parrish of the American Pharmaceutical Association.

drug store near me

Your local drugstore will always have a quality and well trained pharmacy professional to help with all of your needs.

True or false: 18th century Apothecaries practiced as doctors.

While searching drug store near me today, you’d hardly think of your pharmacist as your doctor or having them treat you of serious ailments. However, throughout much of the 18th century, apothecaries often practiced as doctors. Most learned how to diagnose medical conditions and compound medications through a taxing apprenticeship. Surgeons learned in a very similar fashion.During this period of history an apprenticeship was the best way to teach a new skill or familiarize students with a particular study. Though some apothecaries did attend medical schools, most students were physicians. Any practitioner could study anatomy at a hospital instead.

What is the word apothecary derived from?

If you’re searching drug store near me and wondering how the word apothecary came to be, here’s your answer. The word apothecary is derived from apotheca; this is a place where wine, spices, and herbs were once stored During the thirteenth century. The word came to describe any individual who readily kept stock of these highly sought after commodities, which were always sold from a shop or street stall. In fact, the word initially had nothing to do with medicine or pharmacy at all. Nowadays, you can score just about anything at your local drugstore or pharmacy, including food, household goods, medicine, pet food, cosmetics, personal care items and photo processing.

Drug Store Near Me – Drug Store Facts

A Most Famous Drugstore Worker

If you’re wondering how Agatha Christie always knew so much about poison in her writings, you’ve come to the right place. Famous British crime novelist, Agata Christie, spent a majority of her career before writing working in the healthcare field. She first began her foray into the medical world while she worked as nurse. After nursing, Christie pursued a career as a pharmacy technician. Christie’s husband was a pilot, which meant he was constantly away. Needing something to occupy her time, Christie devoted herself to the field of pharmaceuticals. She even eventually used her experience in the industry for a source on many of her best selling novels!

A Veteran Turned Inventor

How many times have you searched drugstore near me just hoping to pick up a nice cold beverage? Perhaps even a coke? Well if you have, then you’re just one of millions who has brought the legacy of John Pemberton full circle. Coca-Cola was invented by Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, GA in 1886. Prior to working as a pharmacist in drug stores, Pemberton was a soldier who had been injured in the Civil War. In an attempt to curb his nervousness, headaches, and other symptoms that came from his post injury morphine addiction, Pemberton set out to create a non-alcoholic drink to help him get by. The result was Coca-Cola. Right after inventing the beverage, he carried it down the street to his nearest pharmacy, where it was quickly heralded as a success and put on sale for all to enjoy.

A Delicious Drug Store Fact

While on the topic of famous pharmacists and technicians, it would be unfair not to mention another epic drink creator. Pharmacy technician Charles Alderton invented Dr. Pepper in Waco, Texas in 1885. According to legend, Alderton loved the way the drugstore he worked in smelled. Because of this, he sought to create a fountain drink that could taste the way the drugstore smelled. The result was the now very famous and beloved Dr. Pepper. Unfortunately there has never been any confirmation on if the pharmacy at hand actually smelled the way Dr. Pepper tastes today. Think about this fact while searching your local drugstore near me!
Another pharmacy technician, Charles Alderton, invented Dr Pepper in Waco,

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