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Looking for convenience while out on the go? Duane Reade pharmacies exist to help you find everything you need in terms of medicine, personal care, food, and home goods. Though not as big as a grocery store, many Duane Reade locations have massive food sections, cold beverages, and even grab & go meals.

Are you interested in finding a Duane Reade near you? Simply browse Duane Reade near me on the map below and find a list of locations in your local area! Looking for a bit more information on Duane Reade? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Duane Reade Near Me – Duane Reade Trivia

What year was Duane Reade founded?

The history of pharmacies goes way back, but Duane Reade’s roots are firmly planted in the 20th century. When was Duane Reade first founded? Consider this as you search Duane Reade near me. This iconic store was founded in 1960. The chain began with just three stores helmed by Abraham, Eli, and Jack Cohen. The brothers had a warehouse located between Duane and Reade streets on Broadway in Lower Manhattan, hence the now well known name. Duane Reade took its name from the company’s very first full service drugstore. The streets themselves were first named after the early American politicians James Duane and Joseph Reade.

duane reade near me

Duane Reade is one of the biggest pharmacy chains in New York City!

Does Walgreens own Duane Reade?

If you’ve been to a Duane Reade store in New York City in recent months, you’ve likely noticed that they take on a very similar appearance to Walgreens. This isn’t a mistake. Consider this as you search Duane Reade near me. Duane Reade is now a subsidiary of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. It’s why you’ll find Walgreens brand products and a similar layout in most Duane Reade stores. The Duane Reade brand is primarily located in New York City, where it’s known for high volume store layouts. As of 2012, the company headquarters were moved to 40 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, that’s the location of the brand’s newest flagship store.

What do experts recommend not buying at a drugstore?

If you’re searching Duane Reade near me, then you know that drugstores often offer similar items to grocery stores in a smaller format. Many times you’ll pay for the convenience of a drug store, which can mean higher prices in the long run. What do experts not recommend buying at the drugstore? Toilet paper! According to consumer studies groups, toilet paper is always much cheaper to buy in bulk. Drug stores tend to only offer smaller packs of toilet paper. While it might be convenient when you’re running low and already at the store, but you’ll end up paying for it eventually. Though many people think that it’s cheaper to buy a store brand toilet paper, most drug store branded toilet paper is actually far more expensive than other brands available in bulk sizes at the grocery store or a warehouse club like Costco.

Duane Reade Near Me – Duane Reade Facts

Helping America Snack Again

There are a lot of reasons to hit up a local Duane Reade or search Duane Reade near me, but snacks might be the number one reason on many people’s lists. Though some items in a Duane Reade store are priced higher than at the grocery store, the snack sales at Duane Reade and Walgreens locations are typically pretty hard to beat. At both Duane Reade and Walgreens, you can often find great BOGO offers on nuts, chips, cookies, and more. You can also find healthy chip and organic options for far below typical grocery store prices. Though you won’t be able to buy snacks in bulk, you can certainly stock up on smaller sizes when sales are on and keep your snack supply in check. Another great thing to buy at Duane Reade? Baking supplies! You might not have baking on the brain when shopping at your local Duane Reade and not every store has a baking aisle, but those that do often boast the best prices around when you utilize in ad coupons. You can use these coupons to find great prices on chocolate chips, cake mix, sugar, and more. These sales are particularly rampant around the holidays.

High Costs On Vitamins

While it might make sense to pick up your vitamins when you’re shopping for cold medicines and other pharmacy products, experts recommend looking outside of stores such as Duane Reade for good prices on vitamins and supplements. Though one wouldn’t think about it when searching Duane Reade near me, a 200 count bottle of women’s multi-vitamins can cost double at the drugstore versus the price on Amazon or even at the grocery store.

How Many Duane Reade Stores Are There?

Ever wondered just how many Duane Reade locations there actually are? Odds are, more than you think! When Walgreens first made Duane Reade a subsidiary, there are were a whopping 257 Duane Reade stores and 70 Walgreen locations in the NEw York Metropolitan Area. They combined to operate more than 150 stores in just Manhattan alone, 13 of which are still considered to be Walgreens branded locations. Odds are if you’re searching Duane Reade near me in NYC, you’ll have no trouble finding a great location to shop at!

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