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Whether you’re looking for a burrito, a salad, a quesadilla, or a family chicken meal, El Pollo Loco has got something delicious for you! Known for their delicious fire grilled chicken, El Pollo Loco is more than just a chicken joint. This brand has branched out to offer Mexican dishes and even healthy alternatives.

Are you interested in finding an El Pollo Loco near you? Simply browse El Pollo Loco near me on the map below and find a list of locations in your neighborhood. Need a bit more information on El Pollo Loco? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

El Pollo Loco Near Me – Find it on the Map

El Pollo Loco Near Me – El Pollo Loco Trivia

In which country was El Pollo Loco first founded?

Though El Pollo Loco is extremely popular in the United States, this brand actually calls a different nation home. In which nation was the very first El Pollo Loco first founded? Consider this as you search El Pollo Loco near me. The very first El Pollo Loco restaurant was actually founded in Mexico. Juan Francisco Ochoa opened the first location in 1975. The first US based location was in Los Angeles, on 6th and Alvarado. It opened its doors in 1980 and hasn’t looked back ever since. The very first year that the restaurant put down roots in LA, they brought in $2 million in sales at their single location. That’s a lot of money for 1980 and even more money now!

el pollo loco near me

El Pollo Loco has been serving up delicious chicken and burritos for years!

Which celebrity’s first job in LA was at an El Pollo Loco?

Everyone has to start somewhere, even future celebrities. Which celebrity enjoyed their first job in LA at this popular chicken joint? Read on as you search El Pollo Loco near me. Brad Pitt’s very first job after arriving in LA was at an El Pollo Loco. Brad was tasked with handing out fliers while dressed in a full on chicken costume on Sunset Boulevard. Who knew that this star had such humble beginnings?

How long is each chicken cooked for?

Part of what makes El Pollo Loco so famous is their fire grilled chicken and their special recipe used for seasoning the chicken. Just how long is every El Pollo Loco chicken cooked for? Keep reading on as you search El Pollo Loco near me. According to brand insiders, every chicken that comes through is cooked in four distinct stages. The process takes anywhere from 50 to 63 minutes. Timing is extremely important in keeping the chicken crispy on the outside but moist on the inside. And what exactly is in that all famous seasoning blend? Well, you’re not going to find out anytime soon. The chicken recipe is a very well kept secret and those who know it are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before learning the truth. Of course, some foodies argue that what makes the chicken so good is the addition of saffron to the seasoning blend.

El Pollo Loco Near Me – El Pollo Loco Facts

Was El Pollo Loco Once Owned By Denny’s?

Strangely enough, this fact is true! As you’re searching El Pollo Loco near me, you won’t find many similarities between Denny’s and El Pollo Loco. After all, one is slinging diner food and the other Mexican. Despite this, at one point all of the American El Pollo Locations were acquired by Denny’s. In 1983, Denny’s purchased the locations but allowed the Ochoa family who founded the restaurant to retain ownership of all of the Mexican locations. Though the two brands enjoyed a beautiful relationship for over a decade, Denny’s sold the company in 1999. Now El Pollo Loco is traded under the very unoriginal company name, El Pollo Loco, Incd.

A World Record Burrito

While El Pollo Loco might be known for their delicious chicken, they also know a thing or two about crafting epic burritos. In fact, the brand is so burrito savvy that they actually made it into the world record book with the world’s largest burrito. Read on as you search El Pollo Loco near me. Back in 1995, the company rolled into the record books by crafting a burrito that was 3,112 feet long and two tons in weight. While the burrito was a triumph, the record didn’t stand forever. In 2010, the title was given to Canirac La Paz in California, which built a 12,786 pound burrito with just one flour tortilla. That’s dedication!

A Very Charitable Brand Indeed

It’s always nice to know that the brands you frequent are actually charitable and focused on giving back to the communities they serve. As you search El Pollo Loco near me, you’ll quickly find that this company helms two very popular charitable organizations: fire grilled fundraisers and El Pollo Loco charities. The former is an initiative to help nonprofits to hold fundraisers at El Pollo Loco locations. The latter provides more than 10,000 meals every year to underprivileged families living in the communities served by a particular El Pollo Loco chain. The brand also supports major causes such as literacy, bilingual education, and shelters for women as well as children.

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