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At a certain point in our lives and in the lives our parents, the topic of elder care emerges and suddenly becomes a solution rather than a simple possibility. When you can no longer care for aging loved ones on your own, seeking a great elder care facility is the most compassionate thing you can do. Not only will they receive round the clock care, but they’ll be able to socialize with other individuals who come from their generation and share many of the same likes/dislikes.

Ready to find an excellent elder care facility near you? Simply browse elder care near me on the map below and we’ll give you a list of the best elder care facilities in your local area. Need a bit more information on elder care? Keep reading for facts, tips, and a little bit of trivia!

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Elder Care Near Me – Elder Care Trivia

True or false: 80 is the new 65.

In the past, reaching the age of 65 meant winding down in life and seeking out elder care. Nowadays, 65 isn’t known to slow quite as many people down. In fact, 80 is the new 65! A recent report from American Senior Communities found that with innovations in health care and a great focus on prevention, seniors today are living longer, more active, and far healthier lives. In fact, it is estimated by the year 2040, the population of older seniors, people who are age 85 and above, will triple to around 14.1 million. The gender gap in life expectancy is also becoming more narrow. Traditionally speaking, women tend to outlive their male peers by around seven years. However, this may no longer be the case. The gap has instead narrowed to an average of 5 years. Currently, men in the US live 76.4 years on average. Women tend to live 81.2 years. Of course, the time to start searching elder care near me is now, especially if you or your loved ones are reaching an age where they can no longer care for themselves or their quality of life has significantly declined to to health issues or simple aging.

elder care near me

Compassionate elder care can make all the difference in you or your loved ones life!

True or false: Every aging adult may require specialized eldercare.

This statement is false! While specialized eldercare is on the rise, not even senior will require this kind of specialized care. What is specialized eldercare? Consider this as you search eldercare near me. Specialized eldercare is dedicated support and consideration for patients who are suffering from a specific disease or ailment such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. According to some statistics, the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s is expected to triple to 14 million by the year 2050. If you need specialized care, there is hope. There are plenty of facilities that focus on these types of issues and are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all those afflicted. Of course, this type of specialized care may come at a high monetary cost.

Are skilled nursing facilities more expensive than elder care facilities?

If you’re searching elder care near me, then you likely need great elder care facilities for either yourself or a loved one. While on your quest to find the right facility, keep in mind that some seniors may required specialized care or even a skilled nursing staff. With that said, skilled nursing facilities are quite a bit more expensive than a regular care home. They are by far the most expensive form of long-term eldercare. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, the average expenses per older adult in a Skilled Nursing Facility can actually be four times greater than the average money being spent by an individual receiving care in a regular elder care community. Of course, if that’s the kind of facility you or your loved one requires, there are programs to help you pay.

Elder Care Near Me – Elder Care Facts

How much does elder care cost?

One thing on the mind of everyone searching elder care near me: cost. Rising prices in the elder care industry are of a deep concern to many folks who are in need of a facility for themselves of their family. According to some reports, one in four people over the age of 45 are not adequately prepared financially if they were to require long-term care for a large period of time.

So how much is the average senior going to shell out for elder care? Well, the answer largely depends on the type of facility you are seeking. Say, you are looking to put your Mother in assisted living facility. Assisted living residences can provide help with activities of daily living, including basic health services, recreation, and social activities. Its likely the type of care home that comes to mind when you think of a senior living facility.

Cost is made up of monthly rent along with additional fees that accrue based on the level of attention a resident actually requires. On average, an assisted living facility will cost around $3,750 per month. This can vary wildly from state to state and even from town to town. Patients who require dementia care can add an additional $1,200 per month to that bill on average. Sometimes, insurance will pay for a portion of care, especially if it is medically necessary. Other times, you may be able to pay for the care by selling off the potential resident’s home or other assets.

Consider Home Based Care

With rising costs and a lack of space, many seniors are seeking home based care rather than a physical relocation to a facility. Is home based care right for you? Consider this as you search elder care near me. Home based care may be right for you if you’re on a steep budget or if you or your loved one do not need 24/7 round the clock care or socialization. Home based care can include skilled nurses, social workers, and even occupational therapists. They seek to give elders a better quality of life all from the comfort of home.

Since relocation can often be difficult for an older individual, home based care is also ideal in regards to keeping you or your loved one in a familiar environment. Before deicing on home based care, also keep in mind the type of home you or your loved one would be receiving care in. For example, if you or a loved one are wheelchair bound or suffer from limited mobility, it would be a good idea to make sure that the home has been modified to accommodate accordingly. Whether its a wheelchair friendly bathtub, chair rails, or even a stair lift- these costs should be kept in mind when looking at the big picture of care.

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