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In these times, people like to cut corners and go the DIY route whenever possible. While doing a DIY is no problem when you’re simply hanging some shelves or installing a new vanity, electricity is something that a novice should never mess with. In fact, if there’s one professional to call in on an otherwise DIY job or for repair work, it’s an electrician.

Ready to find an electrician near you? Simply browse electricians near me on the map below and find a list of qualified electricians in your region. Need more information on finding a great electrician? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Electricians Near Me – Electricians Trivia

How long does it take to become a master electrician?

Think of a master electrician as the heart surgeon of the electrical world. They’ve received the most extensive training possible and are truly at the top of their field. Just how long does it take to become a master electrician? Consider this as you search electrician near me. First things first, the amount of time it will take you to earn master electrician status will depend upon the state you are operating in. Some states require more extensive training than others. What may take seven years in one state will only take around five in another. Despite this, it will generally take around seven years total from the moment you have obtained your high school diploma or GED up until you earn your master status. This number will include your schooling, apprenticeship, and your work hours as a licensed journeyman electrician. The road to becoming a master electrician isn’t always easy, but it is typically worth the wait in terms of pay and work opportunities. As you search electricians near me, consider just how much work it takes to become a master electrician.

electricians near me

A great electrician can help you keep the lights on!

True or false: You don’t need to call an electrician in the event of a power outage.

It happens to everyone; one minute you’re sitting in your living room watching TV and the next you’re swallowed up by total darkness. When a power outage occurs, it can be tempting to call up an electrician to address the problem. However, you will typically never need to call an electrician in the event of a power outage. When your power goes out, think of the reason why it may have happened. Is there obvious severe whether? Most outages are caused by thunderstorms, blizzards, heat waves, and other weather-related conditions. In the event of a weather related power outage, you’ll have to wait for your power company to get everything up and running again. Generally, if you notice that your neighbors power is also out- then it is a power company issue that cannot be fixed by an electrician. If the power goes out and you turn the main breaker off and then on again and get no result, this also relates to a power company issue. If you can’t identify a source in the home that may have caused an outage, try calling up the power company if possible to see if there are any issues on their end. If it isn’t the power company’s fault, then you might have to search electricians near me.

Electricians Near Me – Electricians Facts

Do your lights flicker and wane?

Have you ever turned on your hair dryer only to notice your lamp has suddenly dimmed? When the air conditioner kicks on, do other appliances or lights in the house go out or appear noticeably less bright? If so, it’s time to search electricians near me. You might think that these sort of outages are a normal part of day to day life in a house. After all, we’re always powering dozens of objects at a time, it is bound to happen- right? Wrong. When your lights flicker and wane, it means you need dedicated circuits. Many motor driven appliances draw lots of current, which can cause other items to dim. These high powered items should be wired on dedicated circuits. Smaller appliances that cause problems should also be addressed. All you need to do is add a 20-amp line to service these smaller appliances and fix the problem for good.

When outlets are warm to the touch?

Here’s something to keep in mind; your outlets should never ever be warm to the touch. Many of us have been fooled into thinking that a warm outlet is simply the result of the power being drawn to the object that’s plugged in. Heat of this kind seems almost inevitable. In reality, this type of heat can be very dangerous and may even start a fire. Check around your home. Are any outlets, switches, or electrical systems warm to the touch? Is there any blackening on a nearby switch plate or wall? When you touch an outlet or plug something in, are you given a mild shock? All of these things are reasons to search electricians near me and seek professional help. While the problem could be something simply such as too much demand to a single circuit, it can be something more complicated and threatening. Issues of this kind have been known to result in fires and other issues. If your home was built or wired between 1965 and 1975, then it may even contain some aluminum wiring. If it does, have the wiring checked often. You may even want to replace old wiring with new, if that’s within your budget.

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