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Choosing the right elementary school can help get your child started on the right path in their educational career. Good schools not only provide a safe learning environment, they challenge children to excel and be the best version of themselves.

Are you interested in finding an elementary school near you? Simply browse elementary school near me on the map below and find a list of elementary schools in your area. Need a bit of help in choosing the right elementary school? Have no fear! Read on for tips, facts, and even trivia on choosing the right elementary school for your child.

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Elementary School Near Me – Elementary School Trivia

What grade levels can be found in an elementary school?

Elementary schools are a great leaping off point for a child’s educational career. Every elementary school encompasses a wide range of grade and educational levels. But which grade levels are most commonly found in an elementary school? Consider this as you search elementary school near me. In most regions, elementary school begins with kindergarten and ends in fourth grade. In other areas, elementary school includes grade levels K-8. Elementary school teachers typically end up interacting with students from a variety of age groups, from early ages of 5 or 6 up to adolescence at 11 and 12.

elementary school near me

Finding the right elementary school is easier than ever!

What’s the best student teacher ratio?

One thing to consider as you search elementary school near me is the overall student teacher ratio at a given school. The student to teacher ratio can help you to assess how much individualized attention your child will likely receive. This means finding out early on just how big the classes are and whether the class has a teacher’s aide or other individuals who volunteer to help out. As a general rule of thumb, when dealing with grades K-3, a student to teacher ratio over 22:1 is considered quite large. For fourth grade and up, anything above thirty (especially if a full time aide is not present in the room) is too much for most teachers to handle. This can lead to very generalized instruction and not a lot of time for one on one instruction with struggling students. While smaller classes sizes can be highly beneficial, especially if your child is struggling in school, there is no evidence that larger class sizes affects a child’s overall educational development.

Does every school give out homework?

Another thing to consider while searching elementary school near me is a school’s policy on giving out homework. Not every school approaches homework in the same way and some believe in homework far more than others. While most kindergartners won’t receive much in the way of homework, you should always find out just how much homework is given in the upper grades before enrolling your child. One rule of thumb to follow is that it’s good for kids to have about 10 minutes a night per grade, in addition to nightly reading. Inquire as to if homework is given on weekends, breaks, and holidays. Knowing ahead of time what to expect can help you to prepare a schedule and to help structure your child’s day.

Elementary School Near Me – Elementary School Facts

Different children, Different Needs

One thing that you’re well aware of while searching elementary school near me is that every child has different learning needs. A school that works for one child might not work for another. For example, if your child is gifted or working at a grade level above their own, you’ll want to find a school where teachers adapt lessons for accelerated learners or boast special gifted programs. This will keep your gifted child from feeling bored or unchallenged, which can easily happen in schools where there are not special programs for gifted children. If your child has a learning disability, you’ll need to find a highly rated school with learning specialists, aides, and programs that can help to meet your child’s needs. Some elementary schools will practice “inclusion” which means children who are on the spectrum or having disabilities can be placed in general classrooms with regular students. Others have separate classes for children with special needs or with highly tailored learning goals. Knowing what your child needs ahead of time can help you to make a sound decision in choosing the right school. Remember, don’t just go by a general grade on a website. Do some digging and find out what makes a given school special.

How Discipline is Handled

One issue that is near and dear to many parents is the how discipline is handled within the confines of an elementary school. As you search elementary school near me, consider how each school approaches discipline in a different way. Almost every school has an articulated disciplinary policy. Your job is to find out just how strict that policy is or if it’s pretty lax. Does the disciplinary action of the school mesh well with your own disciplinary approach at home? Being on the same page can help your child to better understand their behaviors and the consequences that come with acting out. Does the school give children demerits, detention and suspension for continued bad behavior? Do they practice positive discipline, which comes with several warnings and then a consequence such as missing recess? Knowing the approach your elementary school will take to discipline will be helpful in helping you to understand how your child might fit into the school’s overall environment.

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