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An elementary school is a school for students who are in their first years of school. Its where they’ll receive a primary education and gain valuable experiences through socialization and more. The exact age of elementary school attendance varies by country. Many will begin kindergarten at around age 5.

Are you interested in finding an elementary school near you? Simply browse elementary schools near me on the map below and find a list of elementary schools located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on elementary schools? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Where is the oldest public elementary school in the US located?

Children have always received some kind of schooling, be at home, or in a schoolhouse setting. But in the beginning, formal schools weren’t necessarily a thing, especially for those living in rural areas. The oldest free public elementary school in North America is the Mather School. Located in the historic town of Dorchester, Massachusetts the school was named for Richard Mather. Mather was an English born American minister who first emigrated to Boston and settled in the town of Dorchester back in 1635. The first building of the school was first established in 1639. It was a one room schoolhouse where children from every grade level shared a single class room and teacher. That was how it was in the early days. There was no separation by grade or age, but rather a single curriculum taught to all. Students who lived at a distance from the school would either ride a horse or take a horse drawn bus known as a kid-hack. This original school house persisted up until 1694. At this time, a contract was made to build a house that was twenty feet long by nineteen feet wide that included a ground floor and a chamber up above. The school also included a flight of stairs and a chimney, something that was pretty unheard of at schools at this point in history. The successor of the first school is where today’s Mather School is located at Meeting house hill. As you search elementary schools near me, consider just how different present day schools are from their historic counterparts.

elementary schools near me

Many factors go into a great elementary school.

True or false: Textbooks were originally imported from England.

True! Textbooks are as common in the classroom today as the teacher itself. Many of them are made right here in America. In the 17th century, schools had no choice but to import the schoolbooks from England. By 1690, Boston publishers began to print the English Protestant Tutor textbook under the new title “The New England Primer.” With this simple step, the colonists were no longer forced to import their textbooks from overseas. The primer was built on the idea of rote memorization, something that is still taught to this day. The primer enabled all Puritan children to define the limits of the self by relating life to the authority of god and one’s parents. The text also emphasized civic duty and morality. This version of the textbook went on to sell tens of millions of copies worldwide. While searching elementary schools near me, think about how schools utilize textbooks today.

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Teachers Matter

If you’re searching elementary schools near me, then you might be on the quest for a great elementary school for your child. When searching for the right school remember that teachers matter. More than the location or the standardized test scores, the teacher is a true tell of how much success a student will have. While not every teacher can alleviate the effects of home life or poverty on students, excellent teachers have the ability to accelerate the rate of learning that takes place among their students. More than that, good schools will champion their teachers and aid them in growing to be their best. When searching for a school, look for a district that provide teachers with mentors, instruction, and discussion of best teaching practices. Find a school where teachers are not treated as interchangeable cogs in the machine but as individuals, distinct and purposeful. If you show up and find that a fourth grade teacher is now teaching kindergarten, you should question why. That’s not a good sign of how the school values the teacher. When touring a school, ask questions such as, “How as that teacher been prepared? What kind of training do they receive?” Also find out who evaluates the teachers and how often classroom lessons are observed. All in all, it’s about finding out how the overall environment is for the teacher and how valued they are. Teachers are a treasure to the communities they serve. A great teacher should always be valued by the school they’re teaching at.

What’s In A Name

While searching elementary schools near me, you may be tempted to take names of schools at face value. Remember, there is no designation or name that guarantees quality. The word “charter” or “private” does not necessarily mean the school is a success or that it has best practices in mind. Just as there is no private school that is uniformly great, no public school that is uniformly great, and no charter school that is uniformly great. There is no name that can predict fact. Do your homework and find out which school is really best. The public school down the road can often be just as great and sometimes better than the private school that costs $30,000 in tuition.

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