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When medical emergencies arise the need of an emergency medicine specialist is key in keeping a patient stable and in good health. Specialists in emergency medicine are required to possess highly specialized skills, especially when it comes to acute illness and resuscitation. Emergency physicians are the ones responsible for providing immediate recognition, evaluation, stabilization, and care to adult and child patients from all walks of life.

Are you seeking an emergency medicine specialist near you? Simply browse emergency medicine specialist near me on the map below and find a list of qualified emergency medicine specialists in your area. Need a bit more information on emergency medicine? Read on for interesting facts, tips, and trivia!

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How long does it take to become a doctor in emergency medicine?

Emergency medicine is a high stress field where a lot can ride on a physician’s ability to remain calm, quickly diagnose, and know a variety of treatment plans. Not only do doctors in emergency medicine have to think quickly and without pause, but they must also remain stable and calm leaders for a team of nursing staff, pharmacist, and sometimes even social workers. Given all that goes into being an emergency room doctor, just how long does it take one to become a doctor in emergency medicine? Consider this as you search emergency medicine specialist near me. In order to become an emergency medicine specialist, one most undergo four years of college, plus four years of medical school. After completing medical school, potential doctors will complete a three or four year residency in emergency medicine. Schooling typically takes between 11-12 years until all is said and done. Unlike many medical specialties, emergency medicine is highly competitive. Individuals who are looking for a career in this field will need to keep up a high GPA and score top marks on the medical Step 1 exam. Thanks to the training and schooling, emergency medicine specialists enter the field with great skill and an even keel.

How do emergency rooms determine the order in which patients are seen?

Odds are if you’re searching emergency medicine specialist near me, that you’ve likely spent your fair share of time waiting in a hospital waiting room. Sometimes it can feel as if you’ll never be seen or as if you’ve been forgotten. In reality, it might just depend on the severity of your illness. Emergency rooms determine the order in which patients are seen depending on their ailment or injury. Someone who has been in a serious car accident or is having a stroke will be seen long before someone suffering from a minor injury. Next time you’re in a hospital waiting room, remember that patience is a virtue. Though it can be difficult to battle discomfort while waiting to be seen, know that you’re not intentionally being overlooked. Emergency rooms are often very full and a bit understaffed. Those who work there, including the emergency medical specialists, are typically just doing the best they can with what they have.

Emergency Medicine Specialist Near Me – Emergency Medicine Specialist Facts

The True Cost of An Emergency Room Visit

No one wants to visit an emergency room or search emergency medicine specialist near me. Odds are if you find yourself in this position you’re likely not having the best day. Illness, injury, and even stress can all land you in the ER, but did you know that there are some hidden costs of visiting an emergency room? It’s not exactly a surprise that visiting an emergency doctor isn’t cheap, but did you know that bills are often inflated by tests and procedures that aren’t necessarily needed? While some tests are requested by nervous patients just looking for an answer others are added by emergency doctors who just want to make sure all of their bases are covered should they end up in court. In a recent survey some 48% of all doctors polled said the biggest cost on most patients’ emergency room bills were the charges posted for various diagnostic tests. Around 54% of doctors admitted that the main reasons many of these tests are conducted is because they fear being sued by a patient should they miss something. Physicians are often concerned about getting something wrong. Even a doctor who is perfect 99% of the time could face a multi-million dollar lawsuit should they make a mistake or miss something vital. Don’t be surprised if you get a high bill or a slew of tests on your next emergency room visit, it’s all just a part of the system.

emergency medicine specialist near me

Life in the emergency room requires the guiding hand of a specialist!

Keep A Specialist In Mind

Though emergency medicine specialists are highly trained in dealing with a variety of acute illnesses and injuries, there are some cases where they simply don’t have the expertise or the time to treat patients with more unique conditions. Consider this as you search emergency medicine specialist near me. Since emergency room doctors almost always work around the clock, they simply don’t have the minutes in the day to focus on patients who are dealing with complicated brain injuries, serious burns, or rare heart conditions. While every doctor wants to help treat a patient as best they can, there are times when a specialist may need to be called in to truly evaluate and devise a plan of treatment. Due to budget cuts, many emergency medical centers do not have the means to keep a specialist on staff at all times. While some do have specialized doctors on call, you may need to seek a specialist after your ER visit in order to figure out what’s truly going on. Don’t get discouraged if you leave the ER feeling just as confused as you were when you went in. Emergency medicine moves fast and seeks to minimize pain, stabilize, and help those who are injured. This means sometimes you may leave feeling a bit in the dark.

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