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Pet emergencies can happen at any time, which means a visit to your regular veterinarian might not be a possibility. Since many traditional veterinary clinics are not open on weekends or late at night, having an emergency vet on the ready is always a great idea. It’s not always easy to diagnose what might be bothering your pet or treat them at home. If you’re not certain what’s going on with your four legged friend, always air on the side of caution and visit a vet.

Are you interested in finding an emergency vet near you? Simply browse emergency vet near me on the map below and find a list of emergency vet clinics open near you. Need a bit more information on pet health and veterinarians? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new.

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Emergency Vet Near Me – Emergency Vet Trivia

True or false: If you’re traveling with a pet, you should always bring their medical records along for the ride.

In the modern day, people are choosing to travel with their pets more than ever. Not only does this decrease separation anxiety for the pets, but it can bring many pet owners peace of mind to have their beloved four legged friend by their side. While traveling with a pet can be a great experience, it also requires a great deal of preparation. Since every area has its own unique hazards in terms of illness outbreaks and environmental threats, it is always advised to research the area you’ll be visiting prior to your trip. What else should be done before traveling with a pet? Consider these facts as you search emergency vet near me. In addition to researching the area you’ll be visiting, veterinarians recommend always having a copy of your pet’s medical records with you at all times. Should an emergency arise, you might find it difficult to recount your pet’s past medical history off the top of your head. If you’re concerned with packing light, some experts recommend uploading the files onto a flash drive that can easily be carried with you in your bag or suitcase. It won’t cause any additional weight in your back and a veterinarian can easily access the files in a pinch. You should also bring along your regular veterinarian’s phone number in case the emergency vet needs to contact them for more information.

emergency vet near me

An emergency vet can help keep your pet healthy and happy in a pinch.

True or false: Every pet owner should be familiar with their pet’s vital signs.

Every pet owner wants what’s best for their furry friends, but how can one really gauge when their pet isn’t feeling their best? In order to understand where your pet stands in terms of health, experts recommend getting familiar with your pet’s vital signs. Would you be able to tell if your pet was overheated or feeling unwell? Many people struggle to see a difference. By knowing your pet’s vital signs, including pulse and body temperature, you can help to detect any health issues before they grow more severe. To understand your pet’s health, take an online first aid course or visit a local veterinarian’s office for some hands on training. Most veterinarians will tell you that a weekly or bi-weekly head to tail checkup on your pet can help you to become more in tune with your pet’s health. This can also be a lifesaver when searching emergency vet near me and trying to discern your pet’s current state of wellness.

Emergency Vet Near Me – Emergency Vet Facts

Crafting a Pet First Aid Kit

Much like humans, pets can often require some first aid when away from home. The question is: what should a pet first aid kit include? As you search emergency vet near me, consider the key supplies every vet recommends having in a proper pet first aid kit. If you’re traveling, hiking, or even just taking your pet to the park, carry some staple supplies with you in a small bag or backpack. Your kit should include: water for hydration, antihistamines for allergic reactions, bandages for cuts and scrapes, chemical cold packs to help reduce swelling, and a blanket or tarp to help protect and transport your pet. Of course, these are just the basics. There are many other items that may be unique to your pets needs. For example, your pet is on a certain kind of medication, make sure to have a few back up pills in your pack just in case. Everyone makes mistakes and it isn’t uncommon for a pet parent to forget to give fido his pill or in the morning when things are hectic. Even with a first aid kit in tow, make sure that you always give your pet frequent water breaks while traveling. Also attempt to remain calm in the event of an emergency. Pets can often take emotional cues from their owners, if they sense a frantic attitude, they be more apt to react emotionally themselves.

A Nervous Traveler

No matter how often you travel with your pet, many dogs and cats can feel some anxiety when embarking on a journey or being in an unfamiliar environment. To help cope with traveling, consider getting your pet a Thundershirt. A Thundershirt is a very snug fitting shirt that targets your pet’s pressure points, helping to calm them down and relieve anxiety. Most veterinarians will recommend this in lieu of anxiety medications or calming supplements. What’s wrong with a little anxiety? Well, if you’re searching emergency vet near me, then you know that a myriad of things can happen to your pet when you least expect it. Though anxiety may seem harmless, it can take it’s toll on your pet. Anxiety can lead to exhaustion, rapid heart beat, dehydration, and in some cases, seizures. If your dog is prone to seizures, a Thundershirt may help you to eventually avoid a trip to the emergency vet. Know your pet and know their behaviors. This can be the key in keeping your fur baby happy and healthy while at home and on the go.

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