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With more and more countries passing environmental regulations, getting your car tested for emissions is more important than ever. Not only can it be an accurate gauge of your car’s impact on the environment, but it is also required by most states in order to pass a car inspection. Though some states boast stricter laws than others, all of them have some requirements in place when it comes to emissions. Of course, the only way to know where your vehicle stands is to pass an emissions test.

Are you interested in finding emissions testing near you? Simply browse emissions testing near me on the map below and find a list of shops testing emissions nearest you. Need a bit more information on emissions? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Emissions Testing Near Me – Emissions Testing Trivia

Why are emissions tests conducted?

Almost every state in the US requires that your car pass an emissions test in order to pass an overall car inspection. Though it’s commonplace, many of us aren’t exactly clued into what an emissions test measures and why they’re conducted. So why exactly are emissions test a part of state car inspections? Consider these facts as you search emissions testing near me. An emissions test is conducted on all vehicles to check for pollutant emissions that may be produced by the engine of a car. These pollutants can contribute to urban smog problems, global warming, and poor air quality. Every vehicle must meet a certain number of standards in order to be cleared for the emissions test. However, there are many times when a car will fail, seemingly without reason. Failing an emissions test might seem like a problem reserved for older car models, but even newer vehicles aren’t immune to a failing grade. A car will fail an emissions test for the following reasons: faulty oxygen sensor, defective ignition system, rich in fuel mixture, leaks in the vehicles vacuum, malfunction in the air injection system, and faulty emission control systems. These problems are solvable, but your mechanic will need to know what to look for in order to ensure that it’s a mechanical problem rather than issue with the age of the car or the car’s engine.

emissions testing near me

Emissions tests are performed with the environment’s best interests in mind.

How does an emissions test work?

As you search emissions testing near me, keep in mind that the type of test your car undergoes will depend on the model year of your vehicle as the Clean Air Car Check uses different types of emissions tests to accurately gauge emissions. Despite model year, every vehicle will receive a gas cap pressure check. This tests to see if a vehicle’s gas cap is effectively working to keep all fuel vapors from escaping. Evaporation of fuel is a major cause of ground level smog in both urban and rural areas. Checking for a properly functioning gas cap also helps to improve overall gas mileage by preventing unnecessary fuel waste. Aside from a gas cap check, most cars will receive an on board diagnostics test. This is the most common test procedure used on test models that are year 1996 or newer. During this test, data is downloaded from the vehicle’s onboard computer to check for any emissions equipment malfunctions. An OBD scanner is quickly attached to a connector that is typically located under the vehicle’s dashboard area and used to identify any issues or problems.

Emissions Testing Near Me – Emissions Testing Facts

Testing Requirements

Though not every state requires one to have their emissions checked, a majority of the 50 states do. Currently, 32 states require at least some type of emissions inspection. This depends on many factors that are unique to some but not to all. For example, in Massachusetts, vehicles that are over 15 years old will require an annual check only for visual smoke. Some states require annual testing no matter what age the car is and others only require emissions testing every two years. As you search emissions testing near me, consider the factors that may influence emissions testing requirements. Currently, there are six factors that influence whether or not a car will need to be tested. Factors include: the overall age of the vehicle in questions, the location of the vehicle (some states will only require testing within urban areas or in a certain zip code), the vehicle weight and type of vehicle, if the vehicle is registered in or out of state, the fuel type used (for example, non-gasoline powered cars are exempt in most states), and the type of use (taxis must be inspected annually in states such as New Jersey and New York). Read up on your state’s requirements prior to booking your emissions test. You might just save yourself some hard earned dough!

Not a Safety Inspection

One that that often confuses individuals searching emissions testing near me is the difference between a safety inspection and an emissions test. Many even think they’re the same thing. As you may or may not know, emissions testing is completely separate from a vehicle safety inspection in most states. Though you are required to have them done at the same time, you will need to do both separately. In the same vein, you’ll have to pay an additional charge for your emissions test as it won’t be included in the cost of a regular safety inspection. In most states, the requirements and testing facilities are independent for emissions in safety. You’ll have to do a bit of research prior to booking your emissions test to ensure that a garage performs both. Of course if it’s only an emissions test you crave rather than a safety inspection you should find qualified mechanics with ease.

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