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If you need a good deal on a rental car, but aren’t familiar with many companies that do this, check out Enterprise! This company is the top car rental company in the world and has a lot of makes and models of vehicles, so there’s always something within your tastes.

They help you when you get into an accident and need a car, flew somewhere and need a car to get around, or even help sell a used car if your looking for something cheap and reliable. Need to rent a car? Try searching for an Enterprise near me.

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Did you know?

90% of the US population is less than 20 miles from an Enterprise! How convenient!

No matter how big Enterprise becomes, they will never sell to any other big shareholding companies.

This company rakes in 14 Billion dollars a year! That’s more than any other company. Their top competitors are Hertz, Avis group, and Dollar an Thrifty.

Enterprise is the top selling rental car company internationally. It’s number 15 on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Corporations, and it is No. 190 on the Fortune 500.

enterprise near me

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Some car manufacturers make a great deal of sales from selling to rental car places. The top brands are Chevy, For, and Chrysler. The rental car business accounts for 2 million dollars in auto sales! Generally, rental car companies buy a large portion of their vehicles in specific rules and terms. Under these terms, manufacturers agree to repurchase the vehicles at any time at any price and recycle them. Need a rental? Check out Enterprise Near me.

What year was enterprise founded?

In 1957, Enterprise was a completely different name under the ownership and founding of a man named Jack Taylor. Once called Executive Lease Company, it was quickly changed to enterprise and this was influenced by the air craft that Taylor served on during World War II.

They don’t just offer car rentals at Enterprise. You can rent a motorcycle and truck too! They also offer a used cars for sale at a decent price.

If you don’t like the hassle of having to rent a car for a week or longer, you could always try Enterprise’s newest endeavor, car sharing! Car sharing allows customers to rent cars on an hourly basis if need be, and is super convenient and simple. If you are someone who likes to rent something different once and awhile, or want a fancier ride for a date than your old hunk of junk, car sharing is perfect for you!

Enterprise Rent-a-Car has become a pretty green company. They plan on cutting paper use down by 2020, reduce the amount of water used during the car cleanings, and even use green materials to build certain stores in the future.

Enterprise Near Me – Enterprise Facts

Despite the minimum legal driving age to be around 15 and 16 years of age, the age that you can start to rent a car is 10 years beyond that at 25 years old. If you meet the minimum age requirement and need a car, check out Enterprise near me and enjoy!

World War II was a time period where rental options for travel became hot commodities. Several different companies popped up due to this demand increase.

Travel websites like Travelocity, Expedia, and Kayak are just a couple of travel agencies that will give recommendations on car rentals and help you find just what your looking for. Feel free to check out the top rental place around, and if you want to find an Enterprise locally, check out Enterprise near me to find business hours and ratings of some of your local Enterprises and give them a try!

Enterprise has a system to make sure they get paid. Many car rental places usually need to hold on to a credit card or debit card to make sure that they don’t get ripped off by drivers. If there are tickets on the car or unclaimed damages, the customer will be liable. Be sure you’re careful about how you use your Enterprise rental!

Enterprise Rent-a-Car has become a pretty green company. They plan on cutting paper use down by 2020, reduce the amount of water used during the car cleanings, and even use green materials to build certain stores in the future.

Don’t be worried about paying heavily on damages. Rental companies, including Enterprise have to offer liability insurance to all of their customers. Of course, you can add more coverage than that if you like, but at least you know that you’ll always be protected no matter what you’re driving!

Enterprise first expanded outside of the US in 1993 in Canada. It already had thousands of locations in the US by then, and shortly after they opened a location in England. Things being to expand and grow very quickly after that!

The first airport location was in Denver, Colorado in 1995.

The company actually rents out vehicles in 6,000 places! That’s a lot of cars probably being rented as well!

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