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When it comes to the entertainment industry, there is no shortage of reasons to hire a great lawyer. Whether you’re a writer looking to pitch a screenplay or an actor seeking fare wages in a contract, an entertainment lawyer can help you to navigate the often tricky world of entertainment law.

Ready to find a great entertainment lawyer near you? Simply browse entertainment lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of qualified lawyers in your local area. Need a bit more information on entertainment law? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Entertainment Lawyer Near Me – Entertainment Lawyer Trivia

How much does it cost to hire an entertainment lawyer?

Hiring an entertainment lawyer can truly up your odds of either winning a case or making sure all of your ducks are in row. With that said, hiring an entertainment lawyer often doesn’t come cheap. As is the case with most lawyers in this industry, entertainment attorneys typically charge a rather high hourly fee. What are the hourly rates for an entertainment lawyer? Consider this as you search entertainment lawyer near me. Hourly rates generally run from $200 and up. The percentage paid is often based on the value of the services being rendered. Say you’re getting a large monetary deal out of a screenplay or movie booking. Your lawyer will take around 5% of that deal. Others will charge a set fee, this is often put into play when reviewing or negotiating documents.

entertainment lawyer near me

A great entertainment lawyer knows the industry well.

What does an entertainment lawyer do?

If you’re in the industry, having an entertainment lawyer on standby is an invaluable resource. But what exactly does a lawyer of this type do? As you search entertainment lawyer near me, consider the day to day of these high powered attorneys. Generally speaking, an entertainment lawyer is used to counsel clients on issues including contracts, intellectual property, labor/employment, international law, taxation, immigration, and litigation, all within the realm of the entertainment industry. For example, if you’re a writer for a big studio and are looking to change the terms of your contract to garner a bigger payout, an entertainment lawyer can help facilitate those talks and get you the money you deserve.

What are media laws?

When searching entertainment lawyer near me, you’re going to run into the concept of “media laws” on a fairly regular basis. What exactly is media law? Media law simply means a legal field that directly relates to the regulation of the telecommunications industry, broadcasting, advertising, and entertainment industry. Censorship and online services also fall under the umbrella of media law.

Entertainment Lawyer Near Me – Entertainment Lawyer Facts

When to Hire An Entertainment Lawyer

Making the decision to hire an entertainment lawyer and lay out the dough for counsel isn’t always easy, especially if you are new to the business or just getting started on your career in the industry. But, there are many reasons why taking the plunge is worth your while. If you’re involved in the entertainment industry or simply want to sue someone who is, you’ll want to higher a lawyer for the following reasons:

-You’re entering into or negotiating a contract

-Someone has violated a contract

-Your intellectual property has been stolen

-You’re attempting to discern publication rights

-You want in on distribution rights

-You’re being sued for any of the above reasons

If you have any questions about your rights or obligations in the entertainment industry, hiring a lawyer can help to advise you and point you in the right direction to best settle your case. Never attempt to navigate entertainment law on your own. Instead, search entertainment lawyer near me and find a great lawyer to take on your case. You’ll find the right person to get you on the right track professionally and creatively. What could be better than that.

What To Expect From An Entertainment Lawyer

Now that you know a bit about what an entertainment lawyer does and their obligations, what can you expect from your lawyer? Consider these things as you search entertainment lawyer near me. If you happen to be suing another person and win your case, you can either expect to win the compensation you deserve or the sole rights to your work. If you are the one being sued, your lawyer will do his/her best to prove your innocence and essentially reduce any charges against you. In a lawsuit, there are absolutely no guarantees. Having a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law and court procedure can give you your best chance of winning or having your innocence proven once and for all. From an entertainment lawyer, you can expect intelligence, professionalism, creativity, and honesty.

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