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For decades, estate planning was deemed as a necessity of the rich. After all, without acres of land or millions of dollars, do you really even have an estate to leave behind? In a nutshell, yes. Anything from your prized baseball card collection to your antique car is a part of your estate. Planning out in advance who gets what and how things are divided after your gone can alleviate any headaches for your family and bring you peace of mind. To accomplish this, you’ll need a great estate planning lawyer.

Ready to plan your estate? Simply browse estate planning lawyer near me and find a list of qualified lawyers in your local area. Need more information on planning an estate? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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What is an estate planning lawyer?

Let’s face it, life is complex and so is death. When someone dies, their estate, goes to beneficiaries and other heirs. An estate is simply the real an dor personal property that a person may possess as death. Any thing from money to cars and even houses, can be doled out as a part of the estate. The practice of estate planning law involves drafting living wills, building trusts, determining powers of attorney, and managing other documents that can facilitate the transfer and management of property after a death occurs. When an estate is not properly managed and someone passes without a will of any kind, their possessions will go to their next of kin. This doesn’t always work out as the deceased person may have had in mind, as this may not have been what they wanted or they may not be on good terms with their next of kin. By not making a will or searching estate planning lawyer near me, an individual gives up the control of their estate and essentially has no say in how their property is divided after death. This can also cause a great deal of in fighting amongst family members who are left behind.

estate planning lawyer near me

Designating a power of attorney is just one role an estate planning lawyer plays.

Who might need an estate planning lawyer?

Okay, so you’re not a Rockefeller. That doesn’t mean you don’t need an estate planning lawyer to work on your behalf. But who exactly needs an estate planning lawyer? Depending on the complexity of your estate, your overall health, and other factors, you’ll likely need the services of an estate planning lawyer sooner or later. You may choose to work with a lawyer on your own behalf, or on the behalf of a loved one who is no longer able to manage their own affairs. After having children, you may choose to search estate planning lawyer near me to create a trust. A trust is a document similar to a will but it helps manage property before death. Other common reasons to hire an estate planning lawyer include:

-Creating trusts
-Drafting wills- legal documents that specify how an individuals’ property are to be transferred and managed after death.
-Drafting living wills, which are legal documents outlining medical and end of life preferences in the event that you cannot communicate these wishes.
-An overall estate plan

No matter how much you have, odds are you have a few things you’d like to pass on to someone in particular after you pass. Whether it’s a small savings account or a precious family heirloom, an estate planning lawyer can help you to get your affairs in order long before you would technically have to.

Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me – Estate Planning Lawyer Facts

Estate Planning Manages Your Wealth

For a long time, estate planning was believed to be something that only very wealthy individuals needed to do. After all, if you’re not raking in millions of dollars, it is not that hard to divide things up on your own, right? Wrong. Nowadays, even middle class families need to search estate planning lawyer near me and craft a plan for when something happens to the family’s breadwinner. After all, you don’t need to be super rich to do well in the stock market or work with real estate, both of which have the potential to produce assets that you’ll want to pass on to your heirs. Even if you’re only leaving one home behind, you don’t want someone else to decide who receives the property when you pass away. By hiring an estate planning lawyer, you can rest assured, that you’ll know everything is going to end up where it needs to be.

This is because a primary component of estate planning is designating heirs for your assets. Whether its a summer house in Cape Code or a stock portfolio, you’ll want to have a solid plan in mind. Without an estate plan, a probate court will get to decide who gets your assets. This is a process that can take several years and grow to become rather ugly. After all, a court doesn’t always know which sibling or family member has been responsible and which shouldn’t have access to cash. Nor will the court necessarily rule that the surviving spouse inherits everything. In other words, having a great estate planning lawyer and getting your property/estate managed early on, can bring great peace of mind throughout your life and beyond the physical world. Rather than leaving your estate up to chance, search estate planning lawyer near me and find a qualified lawyer to divide and plan your estate. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Decide today and know that your family is well taken care of long after you’ve gone.

And don’t worry if your estate is “small” or seemingly trivial. If it matters to you, then it probably matters to your family as well.

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