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Whether you’re planning your wedding day or simply organizing a conference or convention at work, hiring a qualified event planner can help ease your burdens and keep your event running smoothly. From catering and photography to florists and DJs, an event planner can hire them all and negotiate prices in your favor.

Ready to find an event planner near you? Simply browse event planning near me on the map below and find a list of qualified event planners in your local area. Need a bit more information on event planning? How about some insight into what an event planner costs per hours? Keep reading for facts, tips, and a bit of trivia. You’ll hire your next event planner with confidence, guaranteed!

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Event Planning Near Me – Event Planning Trivia

What does an event planner do?

Ever seen a movie with an event planner? Odds are they’re a bit frazzled, glued to a bluetooth headset, and juggling about a million things at once. While this is a bit of an exaggeration on the job, being an event planner often means being a jack of all trades. So what exactly is an event planner and what do they do? Consider this as you search event planning near me. An event planner is a person who is tasked with coordinating all aspects of professional meetings and events. Think of a big wedding or a corporate retreat. Event planners choose meeting locations, coordinate details, deal with food, and even arrange transportation for guests.

Every event planner starts by meeting with clients one on one to understand the event or meeting and to get a general idea of what the client wants. After being booked, they will plan out the scope of the event, including times, locations, programs, and the total cost. They will then solicit bids for things such as a photographer or DJ to score you the best price and save a bit of dough. Along the way, they will work with the client to make big decisions and to meet any requirements. For something such as a wedding or reunion, they will also set up services such as rooms, transportation, and food service.

event planning near me

An event planner can plan out every detail of your event or engagement!

How much do event planners charge?

Given all that an event planner does to ensure a flawless engagement, it would only make sense that they often charge top dollar for their services. Just how much can you expect to pay? Consider this as you search event planning near me. When hiring an event planner, experience will play the biggest role in determining cost. A new planner will often charge around $25 and hour, where a more experienced planner with a great portfolio can easily charge upwards of $100 an hour. Keep in mind that most event planners will also charge around 30% more for a corporate event than for a social event.

What hours do event planners work?

Given the nature of the job, event planners often keep weird hours. They don’t work a traditional 9 to 5 setup and hours can increase dramatically in the days and weeks leading up to a big event. During an event period, hours can easily run from 5AM to midnight. Most will also have to work on weekends in order to get all of their work done and meet client expectations. In addition to long work hours, many are also tasked with several hours of standing, walking, and lifting supplies. Keep this in mind as you search event planning near me.

Event Planning Near Me – Event Planning Facts

Event Planners Can Keep Your Budget In Check

Despite the overall cost of hiring an event planner, they can still keep your budget in check and significantly reduce costs on things like photographers and florists. Sticking to a budget is what a professional wedding planner does best. They know exactly what to expect at every turn and which corners can be cut. They can also help you to prioritize costs based on what may bring the greatest impact to your event. The overall result is far less waste and lower overall costs.

Another thing that a great event planner can do is guide your expectations. This is especially true when it comes to weddings. Many couples come in with delusions of grandeur, often without understanding just how much those things are going to cost. Expenses for an event can add up quickly. A great planner will guide you, connect you, and offer lower prices on big expenses. How do they do this? They work with specific companies and brands to negotiate on your behalf.
Many have great relationships with a variety of suppliers and vendors. They’re not afraid of using those relationships to their advantage to bolster your event.

Let an Event Planner Do The Work

Let’s face it- if you’re searching event planning near me, then you likely understand just how stressful and overwhelming planning an event on your own can be. By hiring an event planner, you’re taking stress out of the equation and adding in a bit of confidence. An event planner isn’t overwhelmed by the responsibilities or time constraints that big events can bring. Nor do they ever overlook the important details out of stress. For example, say at the last minute your angry relatives insist on attending your wedding and suddenly you have 20 more guests to accommodate.

On your own, that would be a bewildering experience filled with lots of phone calls, moving money around, and probably a bit of begging. An event planner wouldn’t even sweat such a last minute change. They can accommodate any last minute wishes easily and with skill. They will also be on site for the entire event to handle emergency details and iron out any bumps that may arise along the way.

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