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Business travelers, families, and adventure seekers know that hotels don’t always exactly feel like a home away from home. Often times, a traveler has to compromise both space and amenities in order to save on their stay. That’s where Extended Stay comes into save the day. With spacious rooms, tons of amenities, and low prices (even in major cities), Extended Stay is one of America’s finest hotel chains.

Are you interested in finding an Extended Stay near you? Simply browse Extended Stay near me on the map below and find a list of Extended Stay locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on Extended Stay? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Who owns Extended Stay America?

With so many hotel chains and brands in the lodging game, it can be hard to determine which hotel belongs to which chain and who owns each individual hotel brand. If you’re searching Extended Stay near me, consider these facts. According to statistics, Extended Stay America is the largest owner and operator of company branded hotels in North America. Not only does the brand own and operate 629 hotels in the US and Canada, but the brand is independently owned and is its own chain. Currently, Extended Stay boasts more than 69,000 hotel rooms and employs more than 10,000 people amongst its various hotel properties and headquarters.

extended stay near me

Every Extended Stay offers clean comfortable guest rooms and many amenities.

What hotel chain is Extended Stay America a part of?

In the current day, it’s hard to find an independently owned brand that isn’t under the umbrella of a larger chain. Extended Stay America doesn’t operate under the umbrella of chains such as Best Western or Howard Johnson, but rather it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a “paired share” with the real estate investment trust ESH Hospitality Inc. This means that Extended Stay is not currently affiliated with other long term stay hotel chains such as La Quinta. Though the hotel is geared towards those looking to stay for a week or more, anyone can book a room at Extended Stay, even if just for an evening!

What amenities does Extended Stay America offer?

Many times, a hotel is only as good as the amenities it can offer. While many hotels have cut back on amenities in order to save on costs, Extended Stay knows that amenities are an important part of making a guest feel comfortable and at ease during their stay. Any traveler, whether traveling for business or for fun, seeks a hotel room that suits many needs at an affordable price. This is why each clean and comfortable suite includes plenty of room to stretch out and relax. You’ll always find a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious work area, free wi-fi internet access, up to date flat screen TVs with premium channels, and a free grab and go breakfast. Extended Stay even offers weekly housekeeping services, on site laundry facilities, and pet friendly rooms for those who want to bring their four legged friends along for the ride. Whether you’re searching Extended Stay near me in hopes of staying for a night or a week, you’ll enjoy all of the convenience of spacious suites, low nightly rates, and discounts for extended days.

Extended Stay Near Me – Extended Stay Facts

What You’ll Find At Extended Stay

It might seem like every budget friendly hotel is created equal, but when it comes to overall customer satisfaction, few hotels can compare to Extended Stay. Whether you’re staying for one day or 100, you’ll quickly discover that Extended Stay has meticulously planned out their spacious rooms to provide for every travelers unique needs. Unlike the average hotel room, every Extended STay suite is equipped with a large and workable kitchen that includes a full size fridge. This allows you to eat what you want when you want, which can help you to save money and stay on budget. For the working traveler, there are dedicated work areas with free wi-fi. This means that you can get that discretion done in the comfort of your hotel room without the high fees many hotel chains charge for internet. With premium TV channels, pillow top mattresses, and luxury bedding, you’ll find yourself drifting to sleep without a care in the world. And when you wake up, you’ll find a full grab and go breakfast bar to help you start your day out on the right foot!

Which city has the highest average room rate?

Whether you’re searching Extended Stay near me or simply looking to find a room for the night, you’ve likely wondered exactly which city boasts the highest room rates in the world. Many would believe that New York City holds this honor, given its high cost of living and jam packed hotel industry. Surprisingly enough, the city with the highest average nightly rate is Geneva, Switzerland. In Geneva, the average room will set you back around $308 per night, even at a budget friendly hotel. That’s a lot of money for one night in a hotel room!

The Most Visited Country in the World

If you’re searching Extended Stay near me, you probably think that the United States is the most visited country in the world. With a diverse landscape and plentiful opportunities for recreation, the US is a popular destination, but it’s not the most visited country in the world. So which country holds the honors? France! According to statistics, France is currently the most visited country in the world, attracting more than 80 million unique visitors annually. This might not be a surprise given the presence of the scenic alps, delicious French cuisine, fine wines, museums, and eloquent people. Which country are you most eager to visit?

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