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No matter how clean or tidy you keep your home- pests can happen! Termites, fleas, ants, spiders, bugs, and vermin can easily enter in through unsealed spaces, rotting wood, or even crawl spaces. Sometimes even fido can bring in a whole flea circus. What do you do when feeling overrun with pests? Call up a qualified exterminator! An exterminator will evaluate and take care of your pest problem in no time.

Looking for a qualified exterminator in your area? Simply browse exterminator near me on the map below and find a list of exterminators in your local region. Need a bit more information on exterminators? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on finding the best person for the job!

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How much does it cost to hire an exterminator?

Unwanted pests can quickly make your cozy home feel like a relative flea circus. But can you rid your home of pests or bugs without breaking the bank? Yes and no, but the true answer depends upon the budget you have in mind. Just how much does the average exterminator cost? Consider this as you search exterminator near me. In general, the one time cost for pest control is around $300 to $550.00. This cost typically includes assessment of the infestation, finding the lair, and identifying the various entry points in your home. Unfortunately this cost does not always include a return visit to eradicate the pests entirely. The process of eradication can be as simple as spraying insecticides and/or pesticides or as complicated as sealing and gasing the entire home. Only your exterminator can determine which method would work best for your unique situation. This can cost anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a grand or more. However, knowing that your home is pest free can bring you a peace of mind that is truly priceless.

exterminator near me

Got stubborn pests? Hire an exterminator and end your pest problem today!

What does an exterminator do?

Exterminating is far from a glamorous job, but it’s an absolute necessity to those dealing with unwanted pests or critters. What exactly does an exterminator do? Consider the facts as you search exterminator near me. The main job of an exterminator is to rid a home of pest infestations. At the same time, they are tasked with dealing with distressed customers (many of whom are frustrated and angry) and educating them on the various methods used to deal with pests. Sometimes, this can be the hardest part of dealing with an infestation. Not only are some customers difficult, but many don’t like the idea of killing pests or bugs. This can make the job even trickier! After diffusing the emotional bomb, an exterminator will spend a great deal of time working in pest infested areas such as basements, attics, and crawl spaces. It can be hard work identifying points of entry, lairs, and other pest dwellings, but it’s the first piece to putting together the puzzle. While being an exterminator involves a lot of getting down and dirty, it can be an interesting job full of surprises. Some even feel as if the job is more interesting day to day than an office based job or white collar career. Would you ever consider a career in extermination?

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Got fleas?

Without question exterminators get more calls about flea infestations than anything else. Given how tiny fleas are, they can be difficult to detect until the problem has already escalated. Pet owners already know how frustrating a single flea infestation can be. Fleas are very tiny dark brown parasites that infest the coat and skin of pets. They have the unique ability to jump up to 150 times their own length. That’s like you or I jumping over 300 meters. Because of this incredible ability to jump, they can easily transit in between hosts and their surrounding environment. Fleas spread very quickly because they can breed at a breakneck speed. The fleas you might see on your dog only actually represent around 5-10% of the fleas in that environment. The rest of the population is probably hidden in the egg and larval stages in carpet, furniture, bedding and the garden. So how do you control a flea infestation from spreading? Its pretty difficult but it can be done. As you search exterminator near me, consider these fast facts on flea control. First things first, you’re going to want to treat your pet. Take them to the vet and get some prescription strength flea medication at once. Once your pets have been treated, you’ll need to adopt a control strategy. Vacuum the carpet 2-3 times a week to remove eggs and stimulate any dormant fleas. Wash all bedding and pet bedding weekly, then leave in the sun to dry. Spray the house, kennels, and yards with adult flea killer. If necessary, you may have to call in an exterminator to seal the home and gas it to prevent more larvae from developing. Flea infestations can go from mild to totally out of control rather quickly. Don’t feel ashamed if you need to seek professional help, especially if you have several pets or lots of soft carpeting in your house. These can be havens for fleas to breed! If you don’t think you can handle flea control on your own, don’t second guess bringing in a professional from the start. Trying to tackle the massive responsibility of clearing a flea infestation on your own be totally overwhelming.

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