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Exxon is unquestionably one of the largest oil companies in the world. Odds are you’ve either heard of them or have gotten gas at one of their thousands of stations around the world. Exxon has always been a pioneer when it comes to their gas mixes and taking responsibility for environmental practices. They are known for their clean engine fuel which cleans your engine and helps maintain your car far longer than traditional oils.

Are you interested in finding an Exxon near you? Simply browse Exxon near me on the map below and find a list of Exxon stations in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Exxon? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Exxon Near Me – Exxon Trivia

True or false: Exxon can trace its history back to 1870.

True! Exxon can trace its history all the way back to 1870. Early on, Exxon and the oil company Mobil were a part of the Standard Oil Company, which was first founded in 1980. Even at this stage in the company’s inception, it was the biggest independent oil company in the world. It eventually grew to be so big that in 1911, the Standard Oil Company was ordered by the US government to be broken up into several smaller oil companies. The Standard Oil Company had no choice but to break into Exxon and Mobil. Though the two oil companies remained separate entities for several decades, they successfully merged in an $80 billion deal in 1999, thus forming the Exxon Mobil company. This merger brought great stability to both companies and made it far easier for them to consolidate and become the leading producer of oil and gas in the world. As the story goes, many other oil companies were not keen on this merger, as the two powerhouse companies took control of the market when joining a as one. As you search Exxon near me, consider just how rich the history of this company truly is.

exxon near me

Exxon is the world’s biggest oil company.

What important discovery did Exxon first make?

Oil is not a renewable resource, which means once stores are depleted, its gone for good. Things were getting pretty hairy when Exxon made an important discovery in the Gulf of Mexico several years back. What important discovery did Exxon first make? Consider this as you search Exxon near me. Exxon used a deep water well for the first time to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, while drilling, they found a massive availability of oil in this location. They saw immediate potential in grilling in the Gulf, but wanted to investigate further to find just how much oil would be available and how long that reserve would last. Since oil is such a finite resource, the chances of discovering new oil fields becomes less common every year. By discovering that there were oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico, Exxon uncovered enough oil to make the existing oil last many years longer than was traditionally thought possible. Thanks to this discovery, we’re still drilling in the Gulf and using oil to run our cars, heat our homes, and produce all sorts of plastic goods.

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The Truth About Oil Spills

While Exxon has made great strides in helping bring oil to the world, they have also been involved in their fair share of environmental disasters. Exxon has been involved in several big oil spills in the United States. Wetlands were once contaminated in New Jersey due to Exxon’s practices and a settlement had to be reached in which Exxon paid a massive compensation to the state. Another big oil spill occurred in Brooklyn, New York when a pipeline started leaking midway through the 19th century. This leak when undetected until the 20th century. Needless to say, a lot of oil was lost and some valuable ecosystems were destroyed. If you’re searching Exxon near me, its important to keep these things in mind, especially when it comes to the famous Exxon Valdez oil crisis of 1989. The Exxon Valdez oil spill is still considered to be one of the biggest environmental disasters of all time. Over a period of several days, 10 million gallons of oil were spilled into the ocean when the Exxon Valdez ship struck Bligh Reef in the Prince William Sound. This caused massive amounts of devastation to the wildlife in the area, especially as the oil began to wash up onto the beaches. The rescue efforts to help these animals and clear the oil was difficult because the area of the spill was only accessible by air or sea. Though this disaster caused a lot of heartache, it taught Exxon a valuable lesson on good environmental practices and safe drilling.

Operating in Several Countries

As one of the biggest oil companies in the world, Exxon boasts a whopping 37 refineries in 21 countries all over the world. Though headquartered in the United States, many of Exxon’s operations are set in the Middle East. It is one of the only oil companies in the world that has operations across six different continents. Many of Exxonmobil’s locations operate in Europe and Asia. Due to their sheer size and power, Exxon is always attempting to create better fuel, find new oil reserves, and make for cleaner drilling practices. Are these things important to you? Sound off below as you search Exxon near me.

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