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Eyebrow threading is unquestionably the most precise way for men and women to clean up their eyebrows and give them a desired shape. Originally started in India, eyebrow threading has quickly grown to become of the biggest trends in the United States. While many are still on the fence when it comes to eyebrow threading, those who have tried this traditional art agree that it is the best eyebrow grooming method available.

Are you interested in finding an eyebrow threading salon in your area? Simply browse eyebrow threading near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of eyebrow threading salons in your area. Need a bit more information on eyebrow threading before you make any big decisions? Read on for facts and trivia on this ancient art form!

Eyebrow Threading Near Me – Find it on the Map

Eyebrow Threading Near Me – Eyebrow Threading Trivia

How does eyebrow threading work?

Even though you’re searching eyebrow threading near me, you may be wondering how exactly this process works. In anything new, information is the key to feeling safe and at ease during the process. Eyebrow threading is a very safe and effective method of shaping your eyebrows into any arch or angle you desire. A trained aesthetician will take a thread, holding one end between her teeth to make a loop to create a mini lasso. This mini lasso is what grabs the hair by the root and removes it from the follicle. Typically, the aesthetician will remove the hair from the bottom of the eyebrows first and then gradually work their way to the top (if necessary). Afterwards, you will be treated with witch hazel or a redness relief cream to eliminate any potential redness or sensitive spots. In terms of ease, many women much prefer the process of having their eyebrows threaded to the relative tortures of waxing.

eyebrow threading near me

Eyebrow threading is quick, painless, effective and budget friendly!

True or false: Eyebrow threading is a centuries old process.

This fact is true! Despite having only recently reached popularity in the west (and in particular the United States), eyebrow threading has been a commonly used beauty practice in the Eastern world for many centuries. Though historians aren’t clear where it exactly eyebrow threading first started, many believe the roots of this practice are firmly planted in India. Though there is some evidence that China, Turkey, and other middle eastern countries have also been practicing this method of grooming for a very long time. What most historians agree upon is that the trend began in India some 6,000 years ago and then spread into Asia and the Middle East as word spread.

What tools are used in eyebrow threading?

If you’re searching eyebrow threading near me, then you’re likely wondering exactly what you’re in for, including what tools you may encounter during your visit to the salon. Well, it’s simple really, threading only involves thread. This isn’t a joke, thread is the only tool used during the threading process. A long piece of string, typically made of cotton or polyester, is twisted into a mini lasso shape. An aesthetician will hold one thread between their teeth and the other over the hair follicles in order to pick up large amounts of hair at a time. You will never encounter tweezers, razors or wax strips when having your eyebrows threaded.

True or false: There is some pain involved in eyebrow threading.

They say pain is beauty, but that’s not exactly true when it comes to eyebrow threading. Sure, waxing may feel like a hard slap to the brow line over and over again, but thankfully threading doesn’t include that kind of pain. In fact, when done right, eyebrow threading does not hurt at all. When visiting a proper salon, the threading process will simply feel like someone is lightly pulling on your eyebrows. You won’t feel the slap of waxing or the pinch of plucking, instead it will feel like if you run your own hands over your eyebrows to scratch an itch or pull the skin. If you do feel pain when having your eyebrows threaded, you may be visiting a novice aesthetician. Make sure that the salon you visit has well trained employees with a high rating online. This is why searching eyebrow threading near me beforehand and doing your research can really come in handy.

Eyebrow Threading Near Me – Eyebrow Threading Facts

A Lightning Fast Process

If you’re short on time while searching eyebrow threading near me, you’re in luck. While waxing and plucking procedures can take up to a half or more, most threading can be done in less than two minutes. Obviously, results will vary from person to person depending on your exact needs and the thickness of your hair. Overall, threading will always be faster than waxing as it doesn’t require any preparation. Not only does your aesthetician not need to prep your skin or apply extra products when preparing to thread, but there is no heating wax or applying strips. This is nice for the beauty minded person who is a bit time pressed but wants noticeable results.

Playing a Part

If you’re the kind of person who likes to feel like you have a sense of control or input in most situations, eyebrow threading is definitely the best method of having your hair removed. Threading relies on the skin being super taut throughout the process, so you’re in control of pulling down on your brows as the aesthetician works at removing the hair follicles. Fret not, the pulling won’t pinch or create any pain. In fact, your aesthetician will guide you on what exactly you need to do.

Ideal Appointment Times

When it comes to beauty, specifically hair removal, we can all feel a bit impatient at times. Society tells us to always be well groomed and put together. While this can easily be achieved through eyebrow threading, keep in mind that you should not go in for a threading appointment if you’ve waxed, tweezed or done any type of hair removal within the past two weeks. In order for the threading process to be truly effective, hair needs to be 1/16th of an inch. While 1/16th may not seem like a big deal, this is the ideal length in order for you to get your money’s worth and garner the best possible results. If you can, let your eyebrows get just a little bushy. This will insure that the mini lasso of thread has something to hold onto and that you can get your eyebrows shaped properly and painlessly.

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