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When vision starts to fade, so does your quality of life. Suddenly it can be difficult to read a dinner menu or even peruse your social media accounts online. A great pair of eyeglasses can make all of the difference when it comes to restoring your vision and giving you back your freedom. Searching for eyeglasses in your local area?

Whether you want to visit a box store vision center or a private optometrist, you have plenty of options for finding great glasses at a fair price. Simply browse eyeglasses near me on the map below and find a list of vision centers in your local area. Need a bit more information on eyeglasses? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Eyeglasses Near Me – Eyeglasses Trivia

What were early eyeglasses made from?

Eyeglasses today are made from a variety of materials, often with comfort and weight in mind. After all, you likely won’t wear your glasses very often if they feel heavy on your face or hurt the bridge of your nose. Early on, eyeglass comfort wasn’t really kept in mind. What were early eyeglasses made from? Consider this as you search eyeglasses near me. According to historians, early eyeglasses had actual glass lenses (newer eyeglasses feature a plastic lens) that were mounted on very heavy frames constructed from wood, lead, or copper. Later on, more natural materials such as leather, bone, and horn were implemented instead. It wasn’t until the early seventeenth century that lighter frames composed of steel were first developed. Much to the delight of eyeglass wearers around the world. The popular tortoise shell frames came into use in the eighteenth century. Still, these early glasses didn’t look much like the ones we wear today. In 1746, a French optician named Thomin is credited with inventing the modern eyeglass frame. Meaning the frames could be placed over the ears and nose in a comfortable manner.

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Who invented bifocals?

Although often credited with inventing eyeglasses, Benjamin Franklin is actually credited with inventing bifocals, not eyeglasses. Eyeglasses were introduced thousands of years before Franklin was even born. Still, Franklin changed the face of optometry with the invention of bifocals in 1760. The top lens of the glasses could be used to see objects at a great distance. The bottom lens could be used for reading or other types of very close work. The two lenses were joined together in a stark metal frame. Because of the invention of the bifocal, vision impaired people no longer had to carry around two pairs of glasses to be able to see clearly. Can you imagine having to carry around more than two pairs of glasses just to see? Thanks to Benjamin Franklin, you’ll never have to. Nowadays, you can even buy bifocal contacts. While searching eyeglasses near me, consider how Benjamin Franklin improved the lives of so many people.

Eyeglasses Near Me – Eyeglasses Facts

What was the first vision aid called?

Before glasses came onto the scene, there were a variety of more archaic vision aids implemented to help those with vision impairments to see and gain better clarity. What exactly was this first vision aid called? Consider this as you search eyeglasses near me. The very first vision aid was actually known as a reading stone. According to historians, the reading stone was first introduced at around 1000 AD. The stone was a simple glass sphere that could be laid on top of any type of reading material to help magnify the letters and allow the reader to see more clearly. It wasn’t until 1284 that wearable eyeglasses were brought to the public in Italy. It is believed that Italian citizen Salvino D’Armate was the inventor of the first eyeglasses.

When did eye glasses become fashionable?

Eyeglasses may be popular in the modern day but this wasn’t always the case. When glasses were first conceptualized, wearers often felt a sense of shame or guilt for needing vision correction. Even up until the 1930s, frames were designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. In the 1940s, eyeglasses finally started to emerge as a fashion statement and something that any citizen could be proud to wear. During the 1940s, eyeglasses were no longer designed to be hidden. They were available in a wide variety of colored plastic frames and could even harmonize with the wearer’s complexion or costumes. Women were even advised to have their own spectacle wardrobe. Jeweled frames for evening were common as were frames for beach days and even playing sports. After World War II, variations on shape were also quite popular. The harlequin shape in particular, also known as the cat eye, was a stylish choice for women and were available in a variety of textures, finishes, and even laminates in glitter. For men, the Buddy Holly look was very popular in glasses as were round lenses and tortoise shell. Still to this day, glasses are a great statement accessory and are seen as fashionable amongst those who need vision correction and even those who don’t. Now when you search eyeglasses near me, you’ll find fashionable pairs you don’t even need a prescription for.

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