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Are you looking for a good deal? Do you enjoy saving money? If you are looking for a great store with a wide variety of goods at a reasonable price, Family Dollar store is one of the largest discount dollar store in America.
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With the map, it will show you all of the nearest Family Dollar locations near you. You can click on the location of your choice and get the information about its address, phone number and store hours. You can also get reviews of the store’s location and once you have found the store for your, you can get directions with a few quick clicks.

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A History of Family Dollar

In 1959, an ambitious young man named Leon Levine took a gamble, at only 21 years old, he started his own business. A small store which aimed at selling discounted items. The first Family Dollar opened its doors in November, 1959 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Within 2 years, the company had expanded to open a branch in South Carolina, and continued to see steady growth since.

family dollar near me

This is the Family Dollar flagship store in Charlotte, North Carolina, celebrating its fiftieth anniversary.



The business grew so quickly that within 10 years there were 50 locations within its hometown of Charlotte and within 12 years they had a total of 100 locations, primarily within southern states. Family Dollar is truly a success story.
In 1979, the company made a gamble and started trading shares publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, the next four years showed the path that the company would take. In 1981 the store opened its 400th store. The following year, the 500th store opened and only one year later, the company was already opening its 700th location. Within the span of 4 years, the company had essentially doubled in size. It was truly on a roll.

The founder of the company continued to oversee the operations up until his retirement in 2003, at which time his son, Howard Levine took over. Howard oversaw the company during its continued expansion and eventual buy-out.
By 2014, Family Dollar had become the third largest dollar store in America, and it still holds that position today. During 2014, the company fell under a bidding war between rival companies Dollar General and Dollar Tree. In January of 2015, the stockholders accepted a bid by Dollar Tree. This spring boarded Dollar Tree to become the single largest chain with the two company names combined.

While the exact future of each individual Family Dollar store is not exactly defined. Howard Levine has agreed to become a member of the board of Dollar Tree to help with the merging of the two companies. Dollar Tree has stated that both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar banners will remain and continue to grow; however, at least two locations are known to be planned for sale to become Dollar Express locations. Either way, you will still be able to use Family Dollar Near Me to find a Family Dollar Store near you, unless you happen to live in one of the four states where they haven’t expanded, yet.

Family Dollar Near Me – Family Dollar Facts

Family Dollar has been around for almost 70 years and has a great deal of history behind it. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the third largest dollar store chain in America.

  1. When Family Dollar agreed to sell the company, the shareholders were offered $72.50 per share, making the value of the company at $8.5 billion dollars!
  2. The founder Leon Levine has a social hall named after him in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.
  3. Family Dollar has over 8,000 locations across the United States and there are rumours that it is planning on tripling the number in the next several years. So, when you search for Family Dollar Near Me you should be able to find something close by.
  4. When the first Family Dollar opened, Leon Levine’s goal was to have goods sold that were all under $2.
  5. How do the items get to their stores? Dollar Tree has 11 distribution centers across the United States. The first opened in 1974 in Matthews, North Carolina when the 200th store opened.
  6. The first 4 states for Dollar Tree to operate in were North Carolina, South, Carolina, Georgia and Virginia, and that all happened within 6 years of the store opening.
  7. The first public stocks of Dollar Tree that were sold were in 1970. They were sold at $14.50/share. A year later, the stocks were split after the 100th store was opened.
  8. Family Dollar employs 50,000 people each year and has almost $400 million annual earnings.
  9. Did you forget to get someone a Christmas gift or do you need some more chocolate for the holidays? Family Dollar is open even on Christmas Day!
  10. You can generally find name brand items at Family Dollar

Fun Facts about Dollar Stores in America

While Family Dollar is not unique in dollar stores, the dollar store industry as a whole is amazing!

  1. Between 2001 and 2004 there was a growth of 34% in the dollar store industry.
  2. There are over 25,000 dollar stores in America today. The largest branch of named stores, Dollar General, has 13,000 alone.
  3. While dollar stores target families with an income of under $40,000 per year, the largest growing customer at dollar stores is those who have an income of over $70,000 per year.
  4. Walmart is even creating a dollar store section in some of their super centers.
  5. The annual economic activity of the dollar store industry is over $16 BILLION dollars a year.
  6. While you may be able to find some more expensive items in dollar stores, you can also find surprising things like $1 steaks!
  7. Some dollar stores have branched out to Canada, such as Dollar Tree.
  8. If you are craving a shopping spree, going to a dollar store can be as good as going to a more expensive high end store.
  9. The dollar store industry is growing so fast that a new location is opening, somewhere, every six hours.
  10. The first variety store, which at the time was a five-cent store, was opened by the F.W. Woolworth Company in 1879 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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